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4 Digital Skills For Work in Tech & Top Companies Hiring
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4 Digital Skills For Work in Tech & Top Companies Hiring

What if we told you that there's a way that can help you get a job in some of the biggest companies in Europe and the world? With these four skills that you can quickly learn, you'll be able to land lucrative jobs in tech and build your dream career. Flexibility, job security, and competitive salaries are just a few benefits you can enjoy by mastering these skills. Discover how you can achieve professional success and find out which top employers are looking for people with digital skills.

Nelson Marteleira
April 30, 2023

4 Digital Skills For Work in Tech, Learning Opportunities & Top Companies Hiring

Tech woman working her digital skills with laptop and drawing tablet
Digital skills are essencial nowadays

If you go back a few years, having digital skills on your resume was a nice perk. Today, however, it's essential to demonstrate to potential employers and clients that you are comfortable with your tech knowledge. 

Digital skills for work are a necessity as most of our daily tasks are intertwined with digital systems and processes. Even professions that were once thought to be manual and traditional can't thrive in today's economy without people who have the right digital skills for work.

In this article, you will learn about the four most essential digital skills for work that can help you improve your current job or achieve new heights in your professional journey. 

Additionally, we have included a bonus section on acquiring these skills through different education paths, from quick courses to formal degrees. We have also listed top employers in Europe along with entry-level tech positions that they're hiring for now.

Top 4 digital skills for the workplace

Each occupation you choose will likely require a different skill set. But if you master these four skills listed below, you can be sure to be on the employers' radar.

  1. No-code development

Thanks to pre-programmed software and no-code tools, it's now possible to create digital products that previously required programming skills without writing a single line of code. This innovative approach to development has gained popularity not only in the traditional tech industry but also in other sectors thanks to its easy learning curve and the more interactive and visual way it allows for the creation of websites, apps, and software.

By 2025, it's estimated that 70% of business applications will be based on low and no-code programs, indicating that the demand for no-code developers will continue to increase. The best part is that mastering no-code takes little time, and you can start building your portfolio within weeks. You may even be familiar with some of the tools that no coders use.

Most popular tools for no-code developers

Bubble website screenshot
Bubble website

It's safe to say that Bubble is a leading software for no-code developers. This versatile program provides easy-to-understand and use functionality for building apps. It mainly uses visuals and the best UI/UX principles and allows you to build apps with simple drag-and-drop functionality. 

Bubble also enables collaboration with colleagues and building projects together. Many startups and established companies use Bubble to build their custom apps and functionality.

Softr website screenshot
Softr website

Softr is another versatile no-code tool that enables individuals and businesses to build software solutions. The program offers a wide range of functionality, from client portals and databases to complex CRM systems and product marketplaces. Softr is an excellent choice for individual creators and businesses alike.

Airtable website screenshot
Airtable website

Airtable is a popular tool for teams that offers a collaborative space where multiple people can create apps, share information, and optimize their projects. It's an intuitive ecosystem that many global companies use for their businesses. Well-known brands like Shopify, Medium, Levi's, Expedia, and many others use Airtable to create complex and visual apps.

Zapier website screenshot
Zapier website

Zapier is an automation tool that enables individuals and large companies to automate their business processes, increase efficiency, and make things easier. Automation is a crucial step that can determine whether a company will grow and thrive or succumb to competition. 

Therefore, automating business processes with no-code tools is a valuable skill to have. Well-known companies like Meta, Slack, Dropbox, and Shopify use Zapier for faster and more efficient work.

Webflow website screenshot
Webflow website

Do you remember the times when building a website would take weeks and a specific set of skills, with only a small group of people being able to develop functional and visually pleasing websites? Well, those times are gone as platforms like Webflow make it easy to build and host websites with simple no-code skills.

Webflow is a platform where you can create various websites, from eCommerce sites to portfolio websites and more complex projects. Well-known enterprises like Discord, Vice, and Dell use Webflow to develop elegant and functional websites and collaborate with their teams.

  1. Digital marketing

If there's one digital skill you should learn for your work today, it would be digital marketing. Digital marketing allows your products and services to be seen. And frankly, it's safe to say that marketing and digital marketing are becoming synonymous. Almost every promotional campaign you see today is connected to a digital environment, so it's crucial to learn these skills to increase your chances of successfully promoting your business or yourself as an individual entrepreneur.

Essential digital marketing skills 

Ahrefs website screenshot
Ahrefs webbsite

SEO or search engine optimization is a set of methods of optimizing your content to be discovered by search engines and ranked higher on search engine result pages (SERP). SEO specialists use specific methods and tools such as keyword optimization, link building, content writing, etc. If you want to be found online, knowing how to use best SEO practices is very beneficial. 

Social media marketing
Hands holding a mobile several social media logos surrounding
How to use social media as a marketing tool?

Social media has become essential for businesses to connect with their audience and influence their purchasing decisions. In fact, as many as 76% of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on social media. 

But to optimize your communication channels, you need to know how to use social media strategically. It requires an understanding of human psychology, content writing, communication, graphic design, and similar skills.

Email Marketing
Mailchimp website screenshot
Mailchimp website

Email marketing is a critical communication channel for businesses, but it's more than just sending emails. To be successful, you need to know how to write and format persuasive messages, encourage people to subscribe to your email list, and get them to open and interact with the content. Achieving all this takes creativity and strategic skills.

Content marketing
ConvertKit website screenshot
ConvertKit website

Everything we see online is content, because it's how we perceive information. Content marketers need to produce and create valuable content to attract, compel, and encourage people to take action. With so much content available, it's increasingly challenging to stand out from the clutter.

  1. Communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration are fundamental skills, but they require adaptation for the digital world. Poor communication can lead to mistakes and wrong assumptions. Knowing what platforms to use for clear communication is crucial to avoid these problems, especially for remote work.

Here are some platforms that can help improve digital communication skills:

  • Email – every professional should learn business communication to write concise, clear, and reader-friendly emails.
  • Instant Messaging – platforms like Slack, Telegram, and Whatsapp are faster and less complicated than traditional emails. Knowing all their functionality and possibilities can make your work much easier.
  • Video Conferencing – no one wants to be that person who spends 5 minutes of a call trying to find an unmute button. Popular tools like Google Meets, Zoom, Skype, and Teams can help you and your coworkers or clients communicate more efficiently. Knowing how to use these platforms can make your communication smoother and more professional.
  • Project Management Software – software like Asana, Slack, Trello,, and similar can help remote teams co-create projects, ensure clear communication, and smooth progress.

  1. Data analysis and visualization
Screen displaying analytics graphs
Analyzing and interpretating Data, collecting patterns

Data is the gold of the digital age, and it can open doors for a business to improvement and growth. However, data in its raw form only adds a little value, so knowing how to interpret and present it visually can open you to many great career opportunities. That's why data analyst and similar professions have been one of the fastest-growing tech positions in the past couple of years.

Popular data analysis and visualization tools

3 Data analytics tools logos: Power BI, Google Analytics and Tableau
Data Analysis and visualization tools
  • Microsoft Power BI – this tool allows businesses to gather data from various company processes and departments to have a clear view of how their business is doing. It creates data insights and visualizations to help see performance strengths and opportunities.
  • Google Analytics – this tool gives insights into website traffic and conversions, which is vital for marketers and sales teams to improve their strategies.
  • Tableau – this analytics tool lets you collect data from various parts of your business and turn it into visual insights. It enables data to improve your decision-making process and forecast the future of your business.

How to successfully acquire digital skills for work?

In the past, the only way to acquire new skills was through formal education. However, nowadays, there are many options available to improve yourself. Here are six ways to gain digital skills for work.

Self-paced learning

Bulb on black background, 6 word balloons: self-paced, observational, experiential, collaborative, cognitive, discoverable
Flexible and Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning is a cost and time-effective way to gain knowledge in your desired field. With courses on countless subjects, education has become more flexible and accessible. 

NoCode Institute is a great example of a self-paced learning platform for those who want to master no-code development skills. 

Our course is based on 5 principles:

  • Observational learning – learning by observing the behavior of others. In our cohorts, this is done during build or live sessions.
  • Experiential learning – learning through firsthand experience. Each week students explore new tools or missions and challenges.
  • Collaborative learning – learning through group work or discussion. Our students prepare mastermind sessions to help and learn from each other.
  • Discovery learning – learning through exploration and problem-solving. During the weekly assignments, students discover how to use new methods and tools to be able to complete the mission.
  • Cognitive learning – learning through mental processes such as thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving. 

If you're interested in understanding no-code development, we invite you to learn more about our programs.

On-the-job training

Many companies offer their staff learning opportunities, including on-site courses, seminars, mastermind events, and networking sessions. Some employers even give a separate budget for buying books, courses, etc., to enhance their staff's knowledge and performance. It can be an excellent way to learn new skills and have a chance to network with experienced and respected people in your field.

To find on-the-job learning opportunities, check if your contract or employer ensures coverage for educational resources. If there's a specific budget for employee improvement, find courses or other learning opportunities and pitch them to your superior. 

While not all learning options may be included due to budget constraints or irrelevance to your position, if you find something that would benefit you and your company, pitch to your employer why acquiring those skills would pay off.

Mastermind sessions

Hi-five between 3 women on a mastermind team session
Mastermind group sessions, sharing knowledge and experience

Normally, mastermind sessions consist of a group of people who are experts in some fields, sharing their knowledge and advice with others and vice versa. It's a great and mutually beneficial way to learn different things directly. While some companies invest in bringing top-level experts to share their experience, you can organize your own team to learn more about other fields like marketing, sales, business management, finance, etc.

Networking events

Room holding a network event, people seated listening the speaker
Local network meetup

Networking events can be a great way to come across thought leaders in your field and learn more from them. Although most networking is done to gain some material gain, such as finding new prospects, partners, providers, etc., networking and communicating with influential people can give you great insights into new skills and open you up to different schools of thought.

Formal education

Formal education comes in many forms, from universities and colleges to online certification schools. Getting a formal degree in a field of your interest is still one of the most popular ways to break into a desired career. The benefit of higher education is that you go through an extensive course learning multiple subjects. In many countries, a college degree still plays a significant role in getting a job and ascending in your professional journey.

The cons of a formal degree are that it can take years to finish. Depending on the country you plan to study in, a university degree can also cost a lot. Many people, especially later in life, don't have the time and resources to go through this intensive experience.

If you're interested in continuing your education, there are several highly acclaimed schools in Europe that specialize in technology and digital fields. 

Here are some of the best options to consider:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • University College London
  • International Hellenic University
  • Catholic University of Leuven
  • Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Certificate programs

Graduated hand holding diploma with orange ribbon
Formal education comes in many forms

Certificate programs are an excellent way to gain proficiency in specific fields and showcase your understanding of a subject with a certificate. Online certificate programs offer flexibility, enabling you to learn while working and spend less money. Furthermore, certificate programs are designed to provide practical knowledge, preparing you for real-world scenarios.

Nevertheless, some disadvantages come with certificate programs. One drawback is that there is no guarantee that the course you choose will meet your expectations. Additionally, you cannot be sure about the experience and expertise of your instructors, as not all educational platforms and schools require specific diplomas or proven experience.

Top employers hiring in Europe

Many companies seek experienced and motivated people with digital skills for work. It's becoming increasingly important to be familiar with digital tools and methods of working. Here are some of the top employers in Europe that are looking for motivated people with digital skills to join their teams.

DHL Express

One of the biggest logistics companies in the world, DHL Express, is always looking for new talents to join their team. 

Here are some positions for people with digital skills:

  • Communications Manager with skills in content management systems, design software, and analytical programs. 
  • Product manager with skills in understanding web-based services, APIs, user interfaces, and system architectures. 


Salesforce is one of the biggest and most commonly used digital solutions for managing customers. They hire hundreds of people each year, and they offer great opportunities for those with the right digital skills for work.

Some of their positions: 

  • Associate technical support engineer with skills in technical support and communication to help clients solve technical problems.
  • Account partner with skills in software and business development. 

You can also visit the career pages of these top employers in Europe:





Master digital skills for work with NoCode Institute

Nocode institute banner: Reboot your career. Get more opportunities
A program designed for students of every level

Digital skills for work are imperative. It would be challenging to find a position that doesn't require some sort of digital knowledge and skills. But the good news is that now it's easier than ever to learn and master new skills. 

In economic areas like Europe, it's increasingly important to be equipped with the latest skills. Such knowledge opens the door to relocating to other countries, discovering the world, earning a higher salary, and building your dream career on your terms.

If you want to expand your horizons and add digital skills to your resume, we invite you to learn more about NoCode Institute and our signature program, Nocode Foundations. This program takes only 7 weeks, during which you'll become a part of a strong community, gain theoretical and practical knowledge of no-code development, and the most important tools.

The program is designed for students of every level, even if you have no tech experience. Don't worry; you'll discover a new world of no code, starting with the basics and continuing to more complex systems. Don't hesitate to improve your career with new digital skills. Join us!

Nelson Marteleira

Nelson is the co-founder NoCode Institute. He is an experienced NoCode specialist and developer with a solid portfolio. Nelson helps bring ideas to reality.

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