About Nocode Institute

NoCode institute is a digital reskilling platform that allows "underestimated" transitioning talents to reboot their careers by learning to build software without code.

NoCode Institute was born with the mission of reskilling and relaunching careers of people left behind in the digital economy by democratizing software-building skills through NoCode development (aka Visual programming).

World's pioneers

NoCode Institute has been one of the World's pioneers in taking NoCode to the "unemployable," empowering this growing community to become competitive and future-proof in the current job market through market-driven digital reskilling education that helps people change their lives.

OUR Mission

The Digital Transition is broken.

Too many non-technical people are being left out and left behind. And many more will be, leaving millions of 'old-economy' talented professionals without the deserved opportunities. Mckinsey points out more than 375 Million people will have to switch-occupation, and the World Economic Forum has been forecasting that "we need to reskill +1 Billion people by 2030".

We believe everybody can grow and develop themselves to become a value driver. We believe there's a better way and that the World deserves better. That's why we started NoCode Institute.

We took NoCode Visual Development and designed everything with one goal: to help non-technical transitioning professionals become more employable in the digital economy.
We empower them with new technology development skills that are growing critical without learning how to code. And we support them in their new job search every step of their journey.

NoCode Institute has been one of the World's pioneers in taking NoCode to the "unemployable," empowering this growing community to become competitive and future-proof in the current job market through market-driven digital reskilling education that helps people change their lives.

Meet the team

We're a team of entrepreneurs, educators, designers, and technologists that merge education experience with a startup track record and NoCode expertise. Being Non-technical ourselves, we recognize the challenges that professionals without a tech background face each day dealing with technology, the digital economy, and the current job market. That's why we're on a mission to empower them to master NoCode technology and leverage its benefits without fear.

Miguel Muñoz Duarte

47 y.o. Half-Portuguese / half-Spanish, former corporate executive (with experience in FMCG marketing in Portugal, Spain, USA, and Mexico) and an entrepreneur with five companies launched (1 sold, 1 closed, and three running autonomously). He is also an invited professor in several EU Biz Schools, such as Nova School of Business and Economics.

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Nelson Marteleira

31 y.o. Product lead with a UX background has been developing products from ideation to launch. He is an experienced NoCode specialist and developer with a solid portfolio of NoCode websites, software, and apps. He is also a certified Design Sprint Facilitator and holds a D.MBA.

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Our Story

The NoCode Institute Difference 

NoCode Institute began as a learning and development journey itself.
For different reasons, our Co-founders Miguel and Nelson discovered NoCode and Visual Development at the beginning of the World movement. As non-technical, NoCode tools allowed them to build the digital solutions they needed without learning how to code. They tried and soon realized that coding was not easy, not fast, and not for everyone (them included).

After learning these NoCode "super-powers" and changing their lives, they couldn't keep it for themselves. So they decided to create NoCode Institute with the dream of sharing these new skills with more people, especially those that need them the most.

NoCode Institute launched in 2021, and since then, thousands of non-technical people, despite age, gender, and social or academic background, have learned, mastered, and changed their lives in our programs. But, as they always say, life is a marathon of sprints, and we have just done the first few… Buckle up, and let's enjoy the ride together.

Join us in our journey to change more lives for the better.

Our Principles

There are six founding principles that we defend and live by

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Leave No One Behind

Do not depart without ensuring that all can come as well. Everybody has talent waiting to be unleashed. All of us, even if non-technical, deserve to develop the skills to become future-proof value-driver. No one should be left behind.

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It's never too late

Never stop learning because life will never stop teaching. The ongoing self-motivated pursuit of learning, along with an insatiable curiosity, is what makes the most of our journey. Impossible is nothing, regardless of how old one is. Never stop learning.

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Together, we go further. And faster

Learn, build, collaborate & achieve more together. The power of team achievements always trumps individual pursuits, so we unconditionally stand by collective growth while learning and working. Teams and communities offer more opportunities to engage, network, develop relationships, share common interests and passions, advance together, achieve goals and celebrate alongside your peers.

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One step at the time

Trust the process and show up daily. Typically, people use the phrase "Rome wasn't built in a day" to remind the time needed to create something great. And it's true. It takes time to develop a new project or skill. But was is also true that it wasn't built in a day, but they were Laying Bricks Every Hour. We believe in starting small, showing up every day, and taking small steps without chasing the next shiny object, magic recipe, or silver bullet. Just focus on improving 1 percent each day.

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Less is More

Make it more straightforward and accept imperfection. Less is not only about making it simple but also embracing frugality. We believe in accomplishing more by mastering the power of simplicity and narrowing it down to the minimum acceptable version. And we believe in doing it with less. Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and creativity.

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Bright side of life

Embrace Positivity without excuses. We stand by feeling good about life, not complaining about everything, and taking on the sunny side. Be kind, have fun, make others happy and radiate karma.

Why us

The NoCode Institute Difference 

We're working to change how digital reskilling is delivered and how driven non-technical talents understand their true potential in the digital economy. Our particular programs will prepare you for new work opportunities and a career reboot.

1. The most democratic and accessible reskilling

We're working to change how digital reskilling is delivered and how driven non-technical talents understand their true potential in the digital economy. Our particular programs will prepare you for new work opportunities and a career reboot.

2. Innovative Curriculum

Our Curriculum was designed not by super-unreachable-experts but by people-just-like-you that have made similar journeys. Besides, industry professionals review and regularly update them to ensure we are up-to-date and working towards the most in-demand future-proof skills.

3. New-age Education Methodology

Our programs are immersive and intensive. You can develop new digital skills based on NoCode in the shortest time possible by learning how to think and not (only) how to build digital solutions without coding. We rely on a unique learning methodology that consists in:

Cohort-based Programs
Creating collective momentum through cooperative Peer-based learning and communities of practice.

Mission-based Learning
Challenge-based Learning through progressive real-life assignments, evolving project-based approach to a new level.

Integral assessment
Assessment and evaluation are used as a learning and empowerment tool, where students: learn-by-reviewing other's work, learn-by-receiving-feedback and learn to learn with self-reflection.

4. Future-proof Individualized support

We are not only training new technical skills but also new career skills that allow you to navigate the current job market and digital economy. The context logic is constantly changing, so we provide each student not with the same old recommendations but with new up-to-date skills, with the support, mentoring, and coaching that helps the career reboot process.

Up-to-date Skills
Develop growing-demand digital skills and digital career skills to help you build future-ready careers.

Coaching & Mentoring
Supporting each student with coaching and mentoring during the learning process for faster and smoother journeys.

Industry Partnerships
Working alongside institutional and industry partners to assure integration and robust employer pipeline since inception.

5. Experienced and accessible Instructors.

Our team of battle-scarred but accessible instructors has experience helping diverse populations transform their skills. They will be there for you, with an easy-to-understand language and overdelivering availability to help remove barriers and overcome challenges.

People are talking about us. See what they have to say.

"I recently had the pleasure of completing the No Code Specialist short course, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. Before embarking on this journey, I had limited knowledge about the vast possibilities within the realm of no-code development. Now, I am empowered with a skill set that opens new doors to innovation and efficiency..."

Wahid Ataee
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"Solid team with robust knowledge of engaging working tools. With a well-balanced increase in complexity, carefully picked programs were able to pave the ground for archived ideas to reach the web market...."

Tiago Granja
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The NoCode Institute's course was (and is) a golden opportunity for my professional life.The training model is excellent. I never thought that, in a 4-month online training, everyone could get so close or that I'd feel so accompanied. I only have good things to say about the course and the team.

Rita Sousa Rêgo
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The experience with NoCode Institute team in the program was a boost and acceleration in the knowledge acquired through practical learning of digital tools/platforms. A step-by-step process designed with weekly missions and final project with a real client. The path is made by walking. The community with other women promoted a power connection, a spirit of helping and cooperation.

Soraia Luz
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