Learn NoCode to Reboot your career ​and get a job in the digital economy.

Learn to build software without coding and get hired by global companies. Connect to life-changing opportunities even if you don't have technical skills. Don't pay anything until you land a job!

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Companies of all sizes are using Nocode in their business

A New Learning Experience

NoCode Institute invests in you. Our team supports you throughout your journey with us, and your career afterwards. New cohorts start every 5 weeks, learn more about our next start dates and applying here.


You owe us nothing until you get a job —no matter what country you’re in.


Learn through pair building, group projects, tutoring guidance, project reviews and career coaching.


Connect with global jobs after gaining experience working on a remote team.


Receive support from our dedicated student success team, our mentors, personal career coaches and amazing community..



More than 90% of alumni land a job within 6 months of job searching

3x salary


NoCode Institute alumni make 3x their previous salaries on average



more than 90% of job offers students receive are for remote roles

A World-Class Curriculum

Our team curates a curriculum that helps you learn the most in-demand skills in NoCode development so you can get a great job, no matter where you live and what is your background. During our program, you’ll develop your technical skills, build projects, and improve the soft skills you need to excel in remote teams. At the end of NoCode Institute, your personal career coach will support your job search.

Digital Career Immersion

Jump inside the digital-economy and get up-to-speed with this introduction and mapping of the main concepts.

Our awesome features
NoCode Experimentation

Start your NoCode learning journey with our progressive and practical hands-on challenge-based methodology.

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Master Specialization

Upskill your NoCode level, by focusing and specializing in a specific NoCode track, through our intensive and solid role-base learning pathways

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Digital Career Launch

Start crafting your new digital career and exploring new work possibilities, with the right support for a full-out successful reintegration.

Our awesome features


This program was specially designed for those who want to have a Career in the Digital Economy but are non-technical and have never worked with NoCode tools.

Week 1 — Intro to NoCode

NoCode is helping non-programmers tap into this new world order and have a chance at a career in the Digital Economy.

Week 2 — Databases

Databases are a fundamental building block of any digital product. You will learn about how databases work and you can build yours.

Week 3 — Websites

Websites are the simple way to make content available. Now that has a database it's time to learn how to display that data to people.

Week 4 — eCommerce

Now that you have a website you will learn how you can monetize this using different tools and methods.

Week 5 — Mobile Apps

Most people use more their phone than a computer, so you will also learn how to make an app.

Week 6 — Automation

Manual tasks won't scale, so learning what and how to automate will help you to do less and get more done.

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