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I've finished the No-Code certification course and it was one of the best experiences I've had in terms of certification and learning. I discovered new tools that will help me develop my Front-end career in the future.

Deborah Silva
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What a journey with NoCode Institute. I learned several very useful no code tools, the trainers are always ready to help and being part of an amazing community is priceless.

Ana Teresa Cruz
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I finished the NoCode course, it was intense days of learning, sharing, anda lot of community work.\nIt opened up a lot of avenues in my growth. I am very grateful.

Ana Almeida
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I just finished my certification in Nocode tools with No Code Institute and I have to tell you that I am greatful for all the knowledge I got. I sincerely recommend everyone to apply to this course

Alice Saraiva
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Best decision! I enrolled in the NoCode Foundations, and after a few personal and real projects with an actual client, I got my certification. I have learned a lot! These bases will help me improve my business's efficiency and help other businesses improve their projects/campaigns management.

Beatriz Santana
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What an adventure..I just finished the no-code course and it was life changing! I discovered a world of skills, knowledge, community. In immense learning with the best mentors (in the no-code world) with team training and coaching experiences. Thanks for this wonderful journey and experience. Don't miss (YOU) this opportunity!

Maria Filipa Vieira Raimundo
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It was a great experience to participate in the first cohort in Portugal. The facilitators were very friendly, the information and tools useful and the facilitators very knowledgeable. The peer-based methodology is also a plus, in my opinion.

Ana Pereira
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The NoCode Training is one of the best trainings I've ever done. In a record time, I learned the techniques necessary to enter this new professional world. The methodology used facilitated the progressive acquisition of knowledge, as it promoted in the group a spirit of mutual help. Nelson and Miguel are excellent trainers, both from a technical and human perspective. They were always available to support us, in an empowering and non-paternalistic way.

Noemí Giráldez Rodríguez
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Excellent course. Before, I knew nothing about Nocode, and the Foundations Course gave me the necessary basis to create different types of projects. It is well structured: In classes we acquire the theoretical knowledge and then we have challenges that push us to learn by experimenting the tools. The Nocode Institute introduced me to a all new world, where the possibilities are endless.

Paula Ferreira
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I highly recommend Nocode Institute! The learning materials are well-designed and easy to understand and the institution's commitment to providing a top-notch learning experience is evident in every aspect of their program. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

Telma Fortes
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On Dec 22, I started an incredible journey, for the first time I had contact with Nocode, through the Nocode Institute. In just a short time of learning, I was already creating high-quality websites and apps. I met incredible people, the course monitors (always very available to teach and help) and the journey colleagues, who each had their own style, in the end we complemented each other! Today I do almost everything with Nocode, I advise everyone to get to know this way of being in life, yes because for me Nocode is a way of being in life! Could I live without Nocode? It could, but it wasn't the same thing

Sandra Sousa Pinto
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Best learning experience ever. In an original way, with lots of practical work and the support of experienced available and approachable mentors, we learned the basics that allowed us to develop the work to a professional level in record time. They offer an integrated support system within the community itself, which facilitates a sense of mutual help among colleagues. Highly recommended!

Mariana Mata
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One of my best decisions so far! My educational background was far from Web development but, after loosing my job on my 40 yrs I had to rethink my professional skills. Nocode Institute made super easy upskilling myself in the tech world and, besides having an university degree and certifications in other areas, surprise surprise, thanks to Nocode Institute and my new Web Development skills I got back on track as a freelancer! Totally recommend Nocode Institute, not only for beginners (I had zero knowledge when I started the bootcamp) but also if you already have some bases but feel into refresh your ideas. Extra points for the community you get to know along the way, to boost your ideas, knowledge and job proposals!

Célia Remédios
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If you're looking for a practical course in no-code tools, this is it. I'm happy that I enrolled in Nocode Institute's course, it has brought me a lot of challenges that I'm proud to say I've overcome. Can't wait for the next chapter of my life, thank you for everything!

Daniela Boino
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I loved the NoCode training. I learned a lot of things in a short space of time, with dedication and support from the team and all the trainees. Practicing and doing is the best way to learn and consolidate learning! Thank you all!

Patricia Kok
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Expectations well setted, amazing engagement from the team, by supporting all the women involved with great activities, updated resouces and great level of learning to upskill our nocode knowledge. Very recommended! Jessica Fontana

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NoCode Institute was an oxygen balloon at the beginning of my career shift from biotech to IT. The team is nothing but excellent, and I am really grateful and happy for the life-changing opportunity that was to connect with this company.

Angela Vieira
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I took the "Descodifica-te" course at NoCode. As a (web and graphic) designer, I learned No Code tools that allow me to present websites to clients in a much more efficient way, saving me a lot of time and effort in the future. But the most important thing I gained from the course was the community we created, a community of incredible women always ready to support each other and overcome challenges together. I experienced firsthand the African proverb "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together" and adapted it to my own version: "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far and have fun along the way, go together."

Nádia Silveira
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Awesome learning experience at Descodifica-te with great teachers and top support throughout the whole program. NoCode Institute has revealed to be a great institution to pursue a digital career! Thanks for everything, I hope to continue part of this awesome NoCode Community!

Alexandra Teixeira
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Enrolling in the NoCode Institute's course was a turning point in my journey toward a NoCode-IT world. The team's unwavering support and the collaborative atmosphere among trainees created an invaluable learning environment. This course surpassed my expectations on multiple fronts. The curriculum, coupled with the team's commitment to inclusivity and support, especially for women, made it stand out. The array of resources and activities tailored to be hands-on enhanced the learning experience remarkably. I can't overstate the transformation this course brought about. It not only expanded my skill set but also boosted my confidence in navigating the realm of no-code tools. If you're seeking a comprehensive program that fosters practical knowledge, the NoCode Institute is the place to be. My heartfelt gratitude for everything!

Mónica Pereira
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The experience with NoCode Institute team in the Descodifica-te Program was a boost and acceleration in the knowledge acquired through practical learning of digital tools platforms. A step-by-step process designed with weekly missions and final project with a real client. The path is made by walking. The community with other women promoted a power connection, a spirit of helping and cooperation. Thanks for this opportunity, to all of you Telma Fortes Gonçalves, Miguel Muñoz Duarte, Nelson Marteleira, Liliana Dias, e Paula Ferreira and more than 60 women.

Soraia Luz
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Learning no code was very simple and easy thanks to Nocode Institute and their kind people! Today i can honestly say that i know how to build websites, apps and different digital tools - and it only took 4 months! Thank you all 😊

Sara Morais
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Extremely professional team. Responsive, helpful, encouraging and they have a good sense of humour!

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The NoCode Institute's Descodifica-te course was (and is) a golden opportunity for my professional life. The training model is excellent. I never thought that, in a 4-month online training, everyone could get so close or that I'd feel so accompanied. Ionly have good things to say about the course, the Team and the follow-on that NoCode Institute favors us.

Rita Sousa Rêgo
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Just docked from a 4 months journey to NoCode land hosted by Bytes4Future. Solid team with robust knowledge of engaging working tools. With a well-balanced increase in complexity, carefully picked programs were able to pave the ground for archived ideas to reach the web market. From an endless pool of scattered technology growing at a fast pace, Bytes4Future NoCode team managed to encourage and support off-topic tools, follow and care for single projects, and foster a community of like-minded NoCoders. Thank you for this journey. I encourage all to get along

Tiago Granja
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Course with excellent content, with great trainers and super accessible staff. Course made for those who already understand a bit of computers and for those who want to renew their knowledge and open new horizons in the labor market.

Gá bi
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I recently had the pleasure of completing the NoCode Specialist short course, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. Before embarking on this journey, I had limited knowledge about the vast possibilities within the realm of no-code development. Now, I am empowered with a skill set that opens new doors to innovation and efficiency. The course content was meticulously crafted, covering a spectrum of no-code tools and techniques. From visual development platforms to workflow automation, each module provided practical insights and hands-on experience. The instructors' expertise and guidance made complex concepts accessible, allowing me to grasp the power of no-code solutions. One of the most valuable aspects of the course was its emphasis on real-world applications. I had the opportunity to create functional projects and workflows, reinforcing my understanding and confidence in utilizing no-code tools effectively. The interactive nature of the course fostered a collaborative learning environment, and I benefited immensely from engaging with fellow participants. As a No Code Specialist, I now feel equipped to bring ideas to life without the barriers of traditional coding. This course has not only expanded my professional capabilities but has also ignited a passion for exploring the limitless potential of no-code development. I would like to express my gratitude to the dedicated instructors and the comprehensive curriculum that have made this learning experience truly enriching. Whether you are a beginner or someone looking to enhance their skills, the No Code Specialist course is an invaluable resource for unlocking the possibilities within the no-code ecosystem. Thank you for this empowering journey.

Wahid Ataee
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