Tackle the talent shortage
with our inclusive tech training.

Boost employment citizens in your territory while addressing the technology challenges of organizations.
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We committed aligned by-design with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Promoting access to inclusive training.
We join forces with governments and municipalities to offer no-code training to people who have been out of work or transition careers. We adapt the programs duration of the most intensive modules to optimize learning and maximize the chances of success in finding their new career quickly.
Drive more inclusion and innovation.
Technology is now at the heart of every company's strategy. We enable companies to hire the tech talent they need faster to accelerate growth and develop the agility and innovative mindset they need to compete.
Accompany people to employment.
Improve access to employment for minorities and individuals from vulnerable backgrounds, such as women, the low-skilled, or individuals living in priority neighborhoods. Help them develop the tech skills companies are looking for.
Optimize your public service delivery.
Improve the services of your departments by teaching Tech & Data to your employees and achieve greater satisfaction from all your stakeholders through better performance.
It is a program that leaves us very satisfied as the Ageas Foundation, and one in which we intend to continue investing and to keep growing.
— João Machado
President at AGEAS Foundation
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