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35 Websites For Citizen Developers, Marketers, Designers to Get Jobs
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35 Upwork Like Websites To Kick Start Your Freelancing Career

Do you feel like you’re in a corporate prison working 9 to 5? Freelancing is the way to break free from corporate pressure, earn a higher salary, and work on your terms. In this article, you’ll find 35 Upwork like websites to start and grow your freelancing business.

Nelson Marteleira
October 5, 2022

35 Upwork Like Websites For Citizen Developers, Marketers, Designers, And Content Writers

Upwork is the biggest freelancing platform online. It bridges businesses with freelancers to ease outsourcing tasks. If you’re curious about becoming a freelancer or have been freelancing for a while, Upwork is a great place to grow your portfolio and network. However, Upwork is a competitive platform, and you might need time to start seeing results and earning a decent income. 

That’s why we made a list of 35 Upwork like websites based on the field you’re into and your occupation to accelerate your online business growth.

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Freelancing online platforms bridge business with outsourcing tasks

Upwork like websites for citizen developers

Who is a citizen developer?

A citizen developer is a person who performs typical tech tasks like web building, data analysis, process coordination, etc., using low to no-code techniques. No-code is a set of tools and methods that allow anyone to start a career in IT or upgrade their current occupation. Citizen developers use approved developing programs that enable creating websites, mobile and web apps, databases, workflows, etc., using drag-and-drop and similar functionalities. That means that everyone, even the least tech-savvy, can start a lucrative career in IT.

How can you become a citizen developer? 

To start a career in citizen development, you must know the most common no-code techniques and tools. Although there are plenty of online resources to start learning no code, the Nocode Institute’s program Nocode Foundations allows you to learn about no-code development, implement it in a real job, and start building your portfolio right away.

Learn more about the Nocode Foundations Program to see how you can reboot your career. 

Citizen developer earning potential 

If you’re unsure about becoming a citizen developer, on average, a citizen developer makes $112,814 per year, with the potential to reach $171,000. The salary is for US-based developers, but the good news is that citizen developers can easily work remotely or freelance.

Below are 8 Upwork like websites for citizen developers to find gigs and new clients.

  1. Codemap
Upwork like websites - Codemap screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Codemap connects no-code developers with businesses looking for the best talents in the market. The platform matches companies with freelancers based on their skills and clients’ requirements.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Speciality: No-code talent marketplace 
  • What To Expect: Quality and well-curated projects, a careful selection process. Free application.

  1. We Love No Code
Upwork like websites - We Love No Code screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s another job marketplace that allows companies to hire no-code developers for a monthly or hourly fee. The platform carefully selects the right candidates to provide top-notch development services.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: in San Francisco
  • Speciality: No-code, low-code, and automation 
  • What To Expect: Well-paid projects working with the biggest international companies.

  1. Nu code
Upwork like websites - Nu code screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Nu code is a learning and job marketplace platform. It offers various online resources to learn more about no-code development and provides a marketplace to connect experts with companies and other community members.

  • Official Website:  
  • Speciality: No-code development
  • What To Expect: Learning material, job marketplace, and citizen developer community to share ideas and insights.

  1. Codementor
Upwork like websites - Codementor screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Codementor is a site for traditional and no-code developers to find mentors and jobs. It allows you to connect with senior developers to learn from them or find new projects.

  • Official Website:  
  • Founded: in 2013, California
  • Speciality: Mentorship, online events, and freelance gigs for developers
  • What To Expect: learn from senior developers to find solutions to your problems or land freelance gigs.

  1. Makerpad
Upwork like websites - Markerpad screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Makerpad is a platform for people to learn more about no-code development, how to use it for their jobs, and build a like-minded community. Also, it’s an online marketplace that allows freelance citizen developers to match with promising projects.

  • Official Website:  
  • Founded: in 2019, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
  • Speciality: educational resources for basic no-code techniques and a job marketplace.
  • What To Expect: a community of no-code developers, educators, and companies that are looking for talents.

  1. Nowcode
 Upwork like websites - Nowcode
Upwork like websites -

The platform allows companies to hire no-code and low-code experts. They select the best talents and categorize them by the development software, tools, and skills candidates specialize in. 

  • Official Website:   
  • Speciality: No-code experts
  • What To Expect: a free marketplace to find no-code projects.

  1. Adalo
Upwork like websites - Adalo screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Adalo is a platform for no-code developers, traditional developers, and creatives to share their ideas and work on exciting projects. The platform scans applicants to match them with the most suitable projects.

  • Official Website:   
  • Founded: in 2018, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Speciality: No-code and traditional coding.
  • What To Expect: You can easily apply to the platform and expect an interview with a representative to determine if you’re the right fit.

  1. Heep
Upwork like websites - Heep screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Heep is a job marketplace for no-code freelancers. They connect freelancers with businesses looking for talents based on their specialty. 

  • Official Website:    
  • Founded: London, England
  • Speciality: No-code development.
  • What To Expect: A variety of projects and working on your terms.

Upwork like websites for designers

Not all no-code developers become web or app creators. This versatile skill opens the door for many other great opportunities. UX/UI, graphic, and web design are in demand and can be done using no-code tools and software.

  1. Toptal
Upwork like websites - Toptal screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Toptal is a professional network that gathers freelance experts from all around the world. They thoroughly hire experts and connect them with opportunities.

  • Official Website:     
  • Founded: 2010
  • Speciality: A marketplace for all kinds of freelance professionals.
  • What To Expect: A thorough assessment before hiring and well-paid and curated projects.

  1.  99designs
Upwork like websites - 99designs screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s a platform focusing solely on designers. They bridge freelance graphic designers with potential clients. Freelancers can work directly with clients or put bets on different projects. 

  • Official Website:     
  • Founded: 2008, Melbourne, Australia
  • Speciality: A marketplace for freelance graphic and web designers
  • What To Expect: A large marketplace with high competition.

  1.  DesignCrowd
Upwork like websites - DesignCrowd screenshot
Upwork like websites -

The platform offers jobs for freelance designers. It’s an affordable option for businesses and, therefore, might be less profitable for freelancers. 

  • Official Website:      
  • Founded: 2008, Sydney, New South Wales
  • Speciality: A marketplace to find freelance design projects.
  • What To Expect: It might be more challenging to find profitable gigs at first as you need to create recognition and build your portfolio.

  1.  Designhill
Upwork like websites - Designhill screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Designhill is a job marketplace where freelance designers can land clients or showcase their work. You can also sell your art on their online shop.

  • Official Website:       
  • Founded: in 2014
  • Speciality: Job marketplace with an online shop.
  • What To Expect: High competition among a few hundred thousand freelance designers. But you have more flexibility to show your work and create designs of your choice. 

Upwork like websites for marketers

The digital marketing field is booming. If a business wants to succeed in this day and age, they have to have good marketers on their team. If you’re looking to transition to project-based work as a digital marketer, here are the five most popular job marketplaces to find and land deals.

  1.  Advisable
Upwork like websites - Advisable screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Advisable is a freelance job platform created for all types of marketers. Marketers show their most prominent work, build their network, and match with clients.

  • Official Website:        
  • Founded: in 2017, Dublin
  • Speciality: SaaS companies
  • What To Expect: You need to submit your projects so that companies can find and select you.

  1.  Hire Digital
Upwork like websites - HireDigital screenshot
Upwork like websites -

The platform offers designers, digital marketers, and developers a chance to connect with the biggest enterprises globally. 

  • Official Website:         
  • Founded: in 2015, San Francisco, California
  • Speciality: Digital marketing, design, software development
  • What To Expect: a careful screening process; after that, you’ll receive projects you can partake in.

  1.  Hire a Marketer
Upwork like websites - Hire a Marketer screenshot
Upwork like websites -

A website where marketers of different fields can register and showcase their experience and portfolio. Companies can also post jobs to find the best matches for their projects.

  • Official Website:          
  • Speciality: Digital marketing
  • What To Expect: You need to get certification from the Funnel Gorgeous Society to be able to showcase your work and get hired.

  1.  MarketerHire
Upwork like websites - Marketer Hire screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s an online marketplace for freelance marketing jobs. The platform selects the best marketers to match them with different projects. 

  • Official Website:         
  • Founded: in 2018, San Francisco, California
  • Speciality: Digital marketing
  • What To Expect: Only 5% of applicants go through, so you have to have a lot of experience and a decent portfolio.

  1.  Traktion
Upwork like websites - Traktion screenshot
Upwork like websites -

This platform helps businesses identify their marketing strategy and goals to then match them with marketers who can perform the tasks. You can manage all your projects, billing, and invoices on the platform.

  • Official Website:          
  • Founded: in 2019, London, England
  • Speciality: Digital marketing
  • What To Expect: A thorough screening process that selects only the best marketers. You need to prepare to show your skills and knowledge to be selected.

Upwork like websites for content writers

Content writing is a profitable freelance business. However, with the growing competition on websites like Upwork, content writers must find more reliable and focused platforms to get hired. 

Upwork like websites - screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s a platform for freelance writers to find jobs and perspective projects. You can apply to be listed in their writer’s section, where you can choose from a variety of writing assignments.

  • Official Website:          
  • Founded: in 2017, Seattle, WA
  • Speciality: Content creation
  • What To Expect: offers one of the highest pay rates for their writers, but that also means their selection process is highly competitive.

  1.  Great Content
Upwork like websites - GreatContent screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Great Content is a marketplace for freelance writers to find projects. They also offer AI-based writing and other content creation services.

  • Official Website:           
  • Founded: in 2011, Germany
  • Speciality: Content writing, SEO, copywriting
  • What To Expect: Many projects in different niches like fashion, finance, gambling, health, etc. 

  1.  Content Grow
Upwork like websites - ContentGrow screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s another content writing job marketplace where you can sign up for different projects. Usually, companies themselves set the rate, and it’s up to you to accept it or not.

  • Official Website:            
  • Founded: in 2019
  • Speciality: Content writing, freelance journalism
  • What To Expect: Find the right projects and pitch your services. 

  1.  Pepper Content
Upwork like websites - PepperContent screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Pepper Content is a freelance marketplace for writers and content specialists that helps them find clients and enhance their work with preinstalled writing and editing tools. You get matched with projects that fit your skills and experience.

  • Official Website:             
  • Founded: in 2017, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Speciality: Content writing and design
  • What To Expect: A great platform to find clients and improve your work using professional tools.  

  1.  ServiceScape
Upwork like websites - ServiceScape screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s a job marketplace for writers, editors, and translators. It lets you build your page with a portfolio and insights into your progress. Then businesses can find you and ask for your writing services.

  • Official Website:             
  • Speciality: Content writing, editing, graphic design
  • What To Expect: Most of the administrative work is done by the platform, so you can focus on doing your job.

Other Upwork like websites to find freelance gigs

When you start working on your term, finding your first clients and kickstarting your career can be challenging. But you can easily show your skills, build a portfolio, and find clients on these 13 Upwork like websites for freelancers. They accept experts from various fields and display you to a large client database.

  1.  Fiverr
Upwork like websites - Fiverr screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance networks in the world. They offer a large talent pool of different specialties and skills. No matter what you do, you can find your ideal client on Fiverr.

  • Official Website:             
  • Founded: in 2010
  • Speciality: freelance gigs
  • What To Expect: Relatively easy application process, but hefty competition.

Upwork like websites - Freelancer screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s another multimillion platform for all types of freelance gigs where freelancers bid on projects. You can find work in any field — from graphic design to software development.

  • Official Website:              
  • Founded: in 2009, Sydney, NSW
  • Speciality: Freelance gigs
  • What To Expect: It’s pretty easy to register and start bidding. But the process is quite competitive, so you might not earn as much.

  1.  Guru
Upwork like websites - Guru screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Guru is a freelance gig platform offering a large network of clients and freelancers from different fields. All you need to do is register and start working.

  • Official Website:              
  • Founded: in 1997, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Speciality: Freelance gigs
  • What To Expect: Freelancers send their quotes for the projects they like. 

  1.  People Per Hour
Upwork like websites - PeoplePerHour screenshot
Upwork like websites -

People Per Hour is a freelance job platform where freelancers can find projects that match their skills and experience. All you need to do is register, and the AI-based system will match you with tasks that fit your profile.

  • Official Website:               
  • Founded: in 2007, London, England
  • Speciality: Freelance gigs
  • What To Expect: Quite easy registration process and many different projects. However, the competition is high.

  1.  Sribulancer
Upwork like websites - Scribulancer screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s one platform for all freelance professions and gigs. You only need to register, get approved, build your profile, and start looking for projects that fit your experience.

  • Official Website:               
  • Founded: in 2014, Jakarta
  • Speciality: web development, writing, design, marketing, etc. gigs
  • What To Expect: an easy application process and many different projects for all kinds of freelancers. However, due to high competition, the pay might not be as high.

  1.  Outsourcely
Upwork like websites - Outsourcely screenshot
Upwork like websites -

The platform gathers freelancers from different fields and allows them to match with suitable startups. The unique thing about Outsourcely is that you work directly with a client and don’t get charged platform fees.

  • Official Website:               
  • Founded: in 2014
  • Speciality: work with startups
  • What To Expect: Register for free and connect with businesses, it’s a good way to build long-term partnerships with clients.

  1.  Toptal
Upwork like websites - Toptal screenshot
Upwork like websites -

We already mentioned Toptal as a great place to find clients for designers, but it’s also a good gig marketplace for all sorts of freelancers. 

  • Official Website:      
  • Founded: 2010
  • Speciality: Freelance gigs
  • What To Expect: Many reputable clients to choose from. But the platform also has a careful selection process as they pick only the best talent in the market.

  1.  Amazon Professional Services
Upwork like websites - Amazon Professional Services screenshot
Upwork like websites - Amazon Professional Services

Amazon Professional Services is a bit different than a regular freelance marketplace. It’s a service that allows freelancers and anyone who wishes to sell their products on Amazon. With a small fee, you can reach a bigger audience and generate income. You can resell already existing products or create your own.

  • Official Website:      
  • Speciality: eCommerce
  • What To Expect: A platform to reach a bigger audience and additional tools to help you expand your business, but you also have to take part in promoting your products to grow.

  1.  Handy
Upwork like websites - Handy screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Handy is another unique platform that focuses on specific service providers. Electricians, house cleaners, plumbers, and other professionals can register on Handy and get matched with clients based on skills and location.

  • Official Website:      
  • Founded: 2012, ​​New York, NY
  • Speciality: home services
  • What To Expect: A platform for home service providers where you can connect with clients, manage your projects and administrative tasks.

Upwork like websites - Bark screenshot
Upwork like websites -

From house cleaning to web development, offers freelancers and independent contractors many opportunities. You just need to register, and the platform helps you promote your business and match you with suitable clients.

  • Official Website:      
  • Founded: 2015, ​​London
  • Speciality: Local service providers
  • What To Expect: An easy way to expand your client list and find new and exciting gigs. It’s also a great platform for professionals who depend on their location.

  1.  FreeUp
Upwork like websites - Freeup screenshot
Upwork like websites -

FreeUp allows freelancers to find clients and new projects. After passing the screening process, you gain access to many job offers and a freelance community.

  • Official Website:      
  • Founded: 2015, ​​St. Petersburg, FL
  • Speciality: Freelance job marketplace
  • What To Expect: a careful screening for the top 1%. But if you pass the application process, you can expect decent rates and interesting projects, mainly from the USA.

  1.  Airtasker
Upwork like websites - Airtasker screenshot
Upwork like websites -

Airtasker allows professional service providers to offer their services. While the focus is on the house services like cooking, furniture assembly, photographers, IT specialists, and other digital professionals can find exciting gigs too. 

  • Official Website:      
  • Founded: 2012, Sydney
  • Speciality: Job marketplace for local services
  • What To Expect: A platform to find tasks and communicate with clients. 

  1.  SolidGigs
Upwork like websites - SolidGigs screenshot
Upwork like websites -

It’s a lead generation platform that, based on your selection, sends you personalized projects and clients through email. You interact directly with clients and select your own rates.

  • Official Website:       
  • Founded: Kaysville, UT
  • Speciality: Lead generation tool
  • What To Expect: A monthly or annual fee to receive leads based on your specialty. 

Conclusion: Prepare for your freelance career with Nocode Institute

Freelancing from home, young man in headphones working on his laptop
Programs like Nocode Foundations by Nocode Institute to kickstart your tech career

Freelancing is becoming easier and more profitable each day. You can quickly learn new skills online and start building your business. However, the most profitable deals remain in the IT sector. That’s where No-Code Institute comes into play. We offer programs like No-Code Foundations, where we introduce you to no-code development techniques and tools to kickstart your career. Since the launch of the program, many accountants, call center employees, bankers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals have upgraded or pivoted their careers with essential no-code skills. And so can you. 

Learn more about the program.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the biggest competitor to Upwork? 

Upwork’s biggest competitor is Fiverr. They offer similar services with similar conditions. However, Fiverr has a more straightforward application process than Upwork.

Which freelance website is best? 

The best freelance website depends on your preferences. If you’re a digital freelancer, then sites like Upwork, Fiverr, TopTal, etc., can be great as they offer the highest demand of clients. However, niche-specific job platforms offer more perks if you specialize in citizen development or other tech fields.

Is Fiverr or Upwork better? 

It depends. Fiverr’s registration process and approval rates are higher compared to Upwork's. But Upwork has more annual transactions ($2.5 billion compared to $699.3 million on Fiverr).  

Which platform is best for beginner freelancers?

Fiverr is excellent for kickstarting your freelance career as it offers a quick, pain-free registration and approval process. When you increase your rates, you can move to more specialized platforms like Codemap or DesignCrowd (depending on your specialization).

Nelson Marteleira

Nelson is the co-founder NoCode Institute. He is an experienced NoCode specialist and developer with a solid portfolio. Nelson helps bring ideas to reality.

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