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30 Best Job Search Sites in Europe
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30 Best Job Search Sites in Europe this Year

Whether you hate your boss, you need more progression in your career, or you’re simply excited about the prospect of a fresh opportunity, no reason is too small to pursue a new job if it’s calling you.

Nelson Marteleira
September 9, 2022

If you’re ready to move on to the next chapter in your life, there’s no time like the present. But sometimes, one job search website isn’t enough — so we’ve found 30 for you to choose between. Whether you’re called to become a nurse in Spain or a software engineer in Austria, there should be something to suit your needs here.

After we run through our picks for the best job search websites in Europe, we’ll also answer the top FAQs on how to find your perfect role. Don’t say that we’re anything but thorough.


eurojobs website screenshot
Eurojobs website

As the biggest job site in the continent, it’s not hard to see what Eurojobs has going for it. The site features millions of jobs across all European nations (plus some others) and has worked with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 1996.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: Enter your filters and start searching for a job in your chosen country.


Eures website screenshot
Eures website

EURES is run by the European Commission itself, and coordinates with various employment agencies, trade unions, and employer organizations. You couldn’t hope for a more reliable source when job seeking.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 1993.
  • Speciality: All sectors but most job postings in admin and communication.
  • What To Expect: Create your account, start searching for jobs, and receive updates through alerts or newsletters.

3. Job and talent

Job&talent website screenshot
Jobs&talent website

Job and talent began as a London-based startup, but it now operates in eight nations, including the UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, and Portugal. A job-matching algorithm will help you find a relevant role, making the search process as easy as possible.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2009.
  • Speciality: Temp staffing.
  • What To Expect: Just download the app to start receiving work offers, and manage contracts, pay, and more from the same interface.

4. Tyba

Tyba website screenshot
Tyba (now named Jobteaser) website

Tyba is a job portal focusing on helping students and recent graduates to land jobs and internships — especially at tech firms and startups. It was recently acquired by Graduateland (which, in turn, was acquired by Jobteaser) another entrant on this list .

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2011.
  • Speciality: Startups and tech companies.
  • What To Expect: Make your personal profile on the site, then start applying for jobs of interest.


Euroactiv website screenshot
Euroactiv website

EURACTIV is primarily a European newsroom, but it also has a job board that compiles vacancies from organizations across the continent. There’s a bit of everything here, but lots of Brussels-based or politics-related jobs.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 1999.
  • Speciality: Policy and politics.
  • What To Expect: Browse positions of interest, then create an account to make your applications. 

6. Jobs in Network

Jobs in Network website screenshot
Jobs in Network website

The number of languages spoken in Europe can be a serious barrier when job-hunting, but Jobs in Network makes things easier by focusing on jobs for English speakers. It has positions all around the world, with a focus on Europe (duh).

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2008.
  • Speciality: English-speaking roles.
  • What To Expect: Choose your country of choice and job filters to start searching, or sign up for job alerts by email.

7. Euro Jobsites

Euro Jobsites website screenshot
Euro Jobsites website

Euro Jobsites isn’t just one job site — it’s a base for ten other job boards with their own specialities, from climate to Brussels affairs. Some are now leading their respective spaces.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2001.
  • Speciality: Science, engineering, climate, pharma, tech, legal, Brussel affairs, and international affairs.
  • What To Expect: Head to your job site of interest and start searching or sign up for job alerts.

8. JobFluent

Job Fluent website screenshot
Job Fluent website

If you’re after a job in a startup in Spain, look no further than JobFluent for the perfect role. The site focuses on Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, with a few remote positions too.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2020.
  • Speciality: Startups and software development. 
  • What To Expect: Choose your city of interest and search through the vacancies using the smart filtration system.

9. Graduateland

Graduateland website screenshot
Graduateland website.

Landing your very first job is never easy, but Graduateland aims to make it as simple as possible by allowing you to create your profile and talk to companies directly. It’s also Europe’s largest career portal for students and graduates. Graduateland was recently acquired by Jobteaser.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2010.
  • Speciality: Internships and graduate programs.
  • What To Expect: Attend virtual career events, download the app, or browse manually.

10. Stepstone

The Stepstone Group website screenshot
Stepstone website

Stepstone is a German job board, but it now operates across Europe (and the world). Its best feature is a unique AI algorithm that matches people and jobs instantly. 

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 1996.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: Search for jobs in various ways, including email alerts and an app.

11. Jobrapido

Job Rapido website screenshot
Jobrapido website

Jobrapido is an Italian company that has expanded across the continent. It aims to be a one-stop shop by aggregating vacancies from across the web.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2006.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: Sign up for email alerts or search for vacancies of interest.

12. Learn4good

Learn4good website screenshot
Learn4good website

Learn4good is another careers site more tailored to expats and English speakers looking to move to Europe. However, some roles may require language skills.

13. Jobsuche

Jobsuche website screenshot
Jobsuche website

If Germany is your country of choice, the federal employment agency’s very own job portal Jobsuche is a good place to start looking for a role. But beware, the site and vacancies are mostly in German.

14. Xing 

Xing website screenshot
Xing website

Xing is Germany’s answer to LinkedIn (and works for other German-speaking countries too). To kickstart your job search, just download the app.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2003.
  • Speciality: Professional jobs such as marketing and IT.
  • What To Expect: Access activities like a cultural assessment help you to find the right role.

15. Werk 

Werk website screenshot
Werk website

Run by the Dutch employment services agency, Werk is a comprehensive job board of vacancies in the Netherlands. It also contains useful information about working in the country.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2009.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: Anyone can browse, but you’ll need to log in with your DigiD or another European login to apply.

16. Reed 

Reed website screenshot
Reed website

Reed was established as a recruitment agency in the UK, but has since expanded to Dublin. It contains jobs from all levels and sectors, along with career advice and resources.

17. Hays

Hays website screenshot
Hays website

Hays is one of the busiest job sites in the UK and offers all kinds of vacancies. It’s a long-running company and also has sites for other European nations, including Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 1968.
  • Speciality: All sectors.
  • What To Expect: Jump straight into a job search or access career advice.

18. Careerjet

Careerjet website screenshot
Careerjet website

Careerjet compiles vacancies from countless other job sites, and what started as a French company has now expanded all across Europe (and the globe). 

  • Official Website:  
  • Founded: 2000.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: The interface is simple enough to use — either upload your CV or search for a job of interest.

19. Meteojob

Meteo website screenshot
Meteojob website

Meteojob is a major job site in France featuring vacancies from all sectors, and it even has an app to make your search as easy as possible. 

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2009.
  • Speciality: All sectors.
  • What To Expect: Search for jobs using filters or get matched through the special matching algorithm.

20. Pole Emploi

Pole emploi website screenshot
Pole Emploi website

Pole Emploi is France’s top generalist job site for a reason. It has various industry partners you can receive offers from directly, as well as hundreds of thousands of postings.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2008.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: You’ll need to create an account and add your phone number and resume to start making applications.

21. website screenshot website is a leading job portal in Switzerland and boasts positions across many sectors, with a focus on professional careers. It aims to make the search as smooth as possible and even provides help with negotiating salaries.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2013
  • Speciality: Admin and IT.
  • What To Expect: Create your profile to be discovered or download the app to search on the go.

22. Jobscout 

Jobscout website screenshot
Jobsout website

Also focused on Switzerland, Jobscout offers employment opportunities from across the nation, including apprenticeships and more.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2000.
  • Speciality: Management and financial services.
  • What To Expect: Either browse for jobs of interest or create a profile to send to employers.

23. Karriere

Karriere website screenshot
Karriere website

Karriere is Austria’s largest job board and always has thousands of vacancies posted. You can follow companies of interest on the site to ensure you don’t miss anything.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2004.
  • Speciality: Technology and engineering.
  • What To Expect: Add your resume, browse partner companies, or see which vacancies have been posters.

24. VDAB

Vdab website screenshot
Vdab website

The Flemish government runs VDAB to help jobseekers find vacancies. As well as plenty of jobs, it posts educational programs.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 1989.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: Create an account to access suggestions, post your resume, and take courses to boost your employability.

25. Jobindex

Jobindex website screenshot
Jobindex website

Jobindex is one of the most popular platforms of its kind in Denmark and has more vacancies than any site in the country. It also works with recruitment consultants, so you have a good chance of securing a position.

  • Official Website:
  • Founded: 1996
  • Speciality: Professional careers.
  • What To Expect: Create your QuickApply profile to create your application template.

26. Infojobs

Infojobs website screenshot
Infojobs website

Functioning across both Italy and Spain, Infojobs works with lots of top companies to publish exciting vacancies. You can also access courses and resources to help your search.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 1998.
  • Speciality: IT.
  • What To Expect: Search for positions of interest or receive alerts straight to your inbox.

27. Infoempleo

Infoempleo website screenshot
Infoempleo website

Infoempleo focuses on positions in Spain, but it also posts international vacancies from across Europe. Plus, it has a special option for those seeking their first job.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 1981.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: Search for jobs by location, sector, or business.

28. Arbetsformedlingen 

Arbetsformedlingen website screenshot
Arbetsformedlingen website

Sweden’s premier job portal is Arbetsformedlingen. It’s run by the Swedish employment service itself, so you know you’re in safe hands, and you can even look for seasonal work.

29. Finn

Finn website screenshot
Finn website

Although Finn is primarily an ecommerce platform, it’s also one of the most comprehensive sites for compiling job adverts across Norway. There are thousands of vacancies available at any given time.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2000.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: Search for relevant keywords to see if there’s a position of interest.

30. Netempregos

Netempregos website screenshot
Netempregos website

Finally, we have Netempregos, Portugal’s biggest job board. It has more than 250,000 registered companies on its database, so it’s safe to say it’s doing something right.

  • Official Website: 
  • Founded: 2000.
  • Speciality: Generalist.
  • What To Expect: Select your categories of interest and start looking for the right job, or create your profile for a smoother search. 

Get firing those applications

Europe is a thriving continent full of opportunities, so wherever you want to go and whatever area you want to work in, you’re sure to find a vacancy to suit in time. Have a browse through the website above and see what you find — it might just be the start of a beautiful new career

But even if you know all the best job websites, it won’t guarantee you the perfect role unless your application stands out. To boost your chances, why not consider upskilling in an in-demand field like development? It isn’t as exclusive as it sounds — you don’t even need to be able to code to build software these days. Our No-Code Foundations program teaches you everything you need to know about no-code development in seven weeks, so you can build apps, automations, and more. By the end, you’ll be the talk of Europe!

Nelson Marteleira

Nelson is the co-founder NoCode Institute. He is an experienced NoCode specialist and developer with a solid portfolio. Nelson helps bring ideas to reality.

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