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Actionable Career Change Ideas at 30
Career Change

Actionable Career Change Ideas at 30

Does your current job make you feel like you're wasting your life away? What if we told you that your thirties is the best time to change your career? Forget your tedious job where your effort isn't appreciated. We give tips and tricks on pivoting your career at thirty and 19 exciting career change ideas you can start with minimal training.

Nelson Marteleira
September 10, 2022
Woman on her 30's thinking on career change ideas
You reach the 30's. Now what?

Does your job make you dread Mondays? Do you feel like your work has no meaning? Or maybe you just have that tingling feeling of needing a change. You might be wondering: but isn't your thirties too late to change your career? We believe your 30s are the best time to make a career change. In fact, more than half (55%) of millennials made a career change during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With many learning opportunities, you can quickly begin your journey today. And the great news is that you don't need fancy degrees or spend years learning new skills. With simple online tools like no-code, you can change your career, upskill your current position, or start a new side hustle to bring in more money and become more desirable in your field.

In this article, you will find how to start your journey to a more satisfying career in your 30s and 19 professions that you can learn online or using no-code techniques. Are you ready to transform your life?

Let's go!

How do you know for sure that you want a career change in your 30s?

Just because everyone around you seems to work remotely, travel the world, and have their own businesses, doesn't mean your current job sucks. It can be challenging to set clear career goals when we're surrounded by temptations and other people's photoshopped lives. 

However, there are clear signs that tell you when your current job isn't bringing you joy.

3 signs that you need a career change in your 30s

Tired millennial woman with head over the laptop showing signs of needing a career change
Listen your physical and mental signs, maybe you just need a new professional journey?
  1. You are always bored. Being bored at work isn't unusual, but if you constantly find yourself bored or doing something else, it can mean it's time for a change. When we achieve all that's possible in one position, we naturally begin to look for a challenge, otherwise, our brain becomes bored. And when you're bored, work quality drops.
  2. You don't care anymore. When you do tasks half-heartedly or would rather scroll Instagram for hours than do your work, it shows that your interest has vanished. Sometimes we stop caring not only because we stopped loving what we do but because our superiors don't value our work.
  3. You're simply unhappy. Don't listen to those who say you have to suck it up. You spend most of your life at work, and if you're unhappy, the rest of your life will be miserable. Your work has to bring some joy or at least have enough meaning to keep you going.

What to consider before a career change in your 30s

A career in your thirties is still in its early stages, and you might be afraid to change to something new suddenly. But your 30s are great for making a drastic decision. You don't have too many commitments, you're young to start learning new skills, and you already know what you like and dislike. 

But before you make any life-changing decision, do this:

  • Think of what you want

Not what your parents want for you or what your friends are doing. Think of something you daydream about when the current job gets hard.

  • Evaluate your skills

What skills do you already have, and what skills you're willing to learn?

  • Assess your responsibilities

Can you quit your job and start a new one, or should you transition slowly? It all depends on your financial situation, financial commitments, and the people who are dependent on you.

  • Ask for help

Sometimes we know we need a change but aren't sure how and where to start. A great start is to consult with supportive people or hire a career coach who is trained to guide people in situations like yours.

A young couple seated at a table taking notes while considering on life and career changes
Build networks and find support in the pursuit of your new career

Now that you are sure you want to pivot from your current career, consider the top skill for 2022 — no-code development. No-code development is one universal skill that opens the door to many potential occupations. It's a super skill that doesn't require you to learn coding or complex processes but allows you to build incredible digital products like apps, websites, and databases. 

Only in a few weeks can you master no-code techniques and apply them to your work or use it to shift your career. It's a perfect way for someone with no tech background to enter the prosperous IT job market.

Our Recommendation: Become a Citizen Developer

Why a citizen developer? It's a high-paying job that you can start by learning simple no-code tools and techniques. Citizen development is a tech role, and some even call it a work movement that is crucial for modern business but doesn't require you to break your back learning it.

Who is a citizen developer?

Tech savvy man working his citizen development skills at his laptop outside
Citizen developers are non-tech individuals who can create great software solutions

Citizen developers create mobile and web applications, software and do similar tasks with low to no-code skills. In other words, a citizen developer does everything a typical software developer would do, but they use no-code techniques and tools. Some great no-code and low-code program examples are a Wix web development platform, Bubble, ClickUp, Apple Pie, and many more. 

In the future, citizen development will only become more important. Watch how companies embrace the new trend in the video by Project Management Institute (PMI).

How much do citizen developers earn?

The salary depends on the field you get into, but in the US, you can reach $172,000 a year

How easy or difficult is it for accountants to become citizen developers?

Your career shift difficulty depends on your determination, willingness to learn, and experience. But you would be surprised how easy no-code tools make to transition your career from accounting to tech. Chances are that if you're an accountant, you already have what it takes to succeed in citizen development:

  • You're good with numbers, and complex problems don't scare you away;
  • You have a great eye for detail;
  • You have experience working with different digital systems and implementing them into your working processes.

Tips to fast-track your transition to citizen developer careers

Whether you're a junior citizen developer and want to advance or someone who has nothing to do with tech but finds it exciting, you have many online resources within your reach. 

To expedite your learning journey, we recommend a course where professional no-code teachers use the most prominent no-code tools and methods to help you learn. Nocode Institute is dedicated to providing exactly that, and its No-Code Foundations Program is designed for every level. Our teachers use familiar language and effective learning methods to prepare you for your new career in only seven weeks.

Nocode Foundations 7 weeks program banner
Nocode Foundations, a seven week program to re-invent your career

During this time, you'll get practical tasks to immediately familiarize yourself with the industry's needs and processes. You will be able to create web and mobile applications, websites, and other digital products necessary for a professional citizen developer.

If you're unsure about citizen development, we prepared 18 more exciting jobs for your new career in your 30s.

Here’re the best 18 career change ideas at 30 

We’ve reached the fun part — career change ideas in your 30s. We know that not all job suggestions are appealing, so we put them into six categories based on your needs and likes.

Jobs that need no degree

Many people who don’t have a degree don’t believe they can land a well-paying job without spending years in university or college. But we know it’s not true, with these three professions you can easily reach six figures.

1. Virtual Assistant 

A man giving virtual assistance on a laptop during an online call
Virtual assistant workers provide remote support for various tasks and projects

Earning potential: $21,000 to $56,000 per year.

Most virtual assistants do administrative work, manage social media accounts, plan time, arrange meetings, and do other daily responsibilities. It’s an excellent career for someone who is organized and loves helping others. 

2. Social media manager

Earning potential: $24,000 to $175,000 per year.

If you can't keep away from scrolling Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks, it's a great job to combine your hobbies and creativity. Social media managers are responsible for creating social media messages and posts, scheduling them, analyzing results, responding to comments, and communicating with followers. 

3.Web developer

Earning potential: you can earn up to $133,790, plus bonuses.

Web developers create and maintain websites. They work with both front-end and back-end to ensure that the website is functional and appealing. Nowadays, it's hard to find a company without a website, and many businesses and individuals need websites and web updates, so the demand is high.

Jobs for creatives

1. Content writer

Earning potential: $43,875 to $95,448.

Content writers plan, write, and research content. Most of them create copy for blogs, websites, and social media. Website content is crucial for visitor conversion and business website ranking on search engines. 

2. Graphic designer

Earning potential: $31,310 and go up to $98,260.

Graphic designers make web illustrations and visuals like logos, icons, fonts, etc. It's a creative job you can easily learn by mastering one or two graphic design software tools.

3. Illustrator

Hand illustrating a jar of flowers on a drawing tablet demonstrating skills for illustrator career ideas
Illustrators bring ideas to life through visual storytelling

Earning potential: $37,310 to $96,580.

Illustrators create visuals for websites, social media, printed media, and other outlets. It's a highly creative job that requires some technical skills you can master with no-code methods. 

Fully remote jobs

1. Copywriter

Earning potential: $38,500 and go up to $133,580.

Copywriters write sales copy for websites, ads, sale pages, social media, and other channels. Their main goal is to sell products and services using effective and persuasive content. Many copywriters are self-employed or work remotely, allowing them to choose their own location.

2.Web designer

Web design project being developed trough paper and laptop
Web designers craft visually appealing and functional websites

Earning potential: $57,484 and $71,272.

Web designers can fully work remotely from anywhere in the world. You only need a good computer and fast internet. Web designers create appealing websites using front-end development. You can easily become a web designer without learning HTML or CSS with only no-code skills. No-code tools offer great drag-and-drop website builders that only require a knack for design and creativity.

3.Marketing Consultant

Earning potential: $46k to $91k

Marketing consultants help businesses advance their marketing efforts to reach more people and bring in more clients. Most of the work can be done online, so you have the flexibility to move around and work remotely.

Jobs that make a change


Woman on her 30's who choose a teacher career. Blackboard with math formulas on background
Teachers educate and inspire the next generation of thinkers

Earning potential: $46,870 to $68,316.

From early childhood to adulthood, great teachers are the ones who make a difference in a person's life. If you know something by heart, you can teach it. You can choose traditional teaching jobs (although they often require a degree) or a more modern way of teaching like online courses and mentoring programs. 

2. Life coach

Earning potential: $18,250 to $118,810.

Life coaches help people achieve their goals and live their best lives. They mentor people through challenges and changes to living a more fulfilling life. Life coaches focus on different types of coaching like spiritual, social, professional, etc.

3. Therapist

Earning potential: $75,360 to $106,060.

Therapists help people navigate their lives, heal traumas, and live more serene lives. It's an excellent profession for someone who loves helping people and making a difference. However, to do so, you will need to get licensed. 

Jobs that focus on the body

1. Nutritionist

Earning potential: $51,700 to $77,180.

Nutritionists create diet plans based on scientific nutrition research for people to help them achieve better health results with food and eating habits. 

2.Fitness coach

Fitness group working out outside following the orientations of a fitness coach
Fitness coaches guide clients towards their health and wellness goals

Earning potential: $10,263 to $175,666.

Fitness coaches are responsible for creating workout plans and leading people through their fitness journey. Based on individual needs, they assist people in losing weight, gaining strength, becoming more flexible, etc. 

3.Yoga Instructor

Earning potential: $35,000 to $64,066.

If you're crazy about spiritual and physical wellness, becoming a yogi is a great way to combine your passion with a high income. Yoga instructors organize yoga classes in-person, online, and one-on-one. 

Side hustles to advance your career in your 30s

Your thirties are a great time to save up money. And if your job has a salary ceiling, you can break it with a profitable side hustle. Eventually, you can fully transition to your side hustle to make it your main source of income.

1. Real estate agent

Earning potential: $33,370 to $76,720

Real estate agents are responsible for promoting and selling or renting properties. When you do it as a side job, you usually don't make money hourly but earn money from sold/rented real estate.


Earning potential: $21,025 to $560,998.

Stock investors stand out with great earnings, but to make money quickly, you need significant capital. For those who can invest only a few hundred per month, crowdfunding and similar investment options can become a safe way to build a second income stream. 

3. YouTuber

Woman at desk working her new career skills as a youtuber
A YouTuber creates and shares content on the popular video-sharing platform YouTube

Earning potential: $129,000 and as low as $13,500 (according to ziprecruiter)

If you know a lot about something or have a talent for creating engaging content, you can monetize it using YouTube. You don't need big initial investments to start, and if you work consistently, you can make a nice side income monetizing your interests. 

How NoCode Institute can help you accelerate your big career transition in your 30s

People say the thirties are the new twenties, but we say the thirties are better. You have more experience, know what you like and dislike, and refine your skills. After working for almost a decade, you know best what the next step in your career should be. 

And we are here to help you start. Careers with no degree, fully remote jobs, creative occupations, influential jobs, jobs that let you focus on your body, and side hustles are all easily achievable with basic skills. No matter your dream career position, you can benefit from learning no-code. Not only will no-code development help you start a job in tech, but it's also an essential skill for any professional. Yoga instructors, therapists, and writers need websites, apps for their clients, and other digital tools you can build with no-code programs.

NoCode Institute is dedicated to providing precisely this, and its No-code Foundation program will help you achieve your dream change. An effective seven-week program will lay a solid foundation for your new career. With digital skills like no-code, you'll stand out in every field and be able to upskill your current job. 

Nocode Foundations Program: 7 weeks to upskill your career
Nocode Foundations Program numbers

With No-Code Foundations Program, you will:

  • Increase your value in your current job;
  • Gain valuable skills necessary for a digital career;
  • Pivot your career to tech;
  • Earn a higher salary.

Get started today!

Learn more about the program to start a career change in your 30s.

Nelson Marteleira

Nelson is the co-founder NoCode Institute. He is an experienced NoCode specialist and developer with a solid portfolio. Nelson helps bring ideas to reality.

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