10 Professional Programs in London that can help you reclaim your career

Career going off rails? Don’t worry, these London-based programs will help you get it back on track!

Times are-a overwhelming. For some more than others. Especially when it comes to careers. The perpetually changing landscape and the constant need to step up can seem daunting when one lacks the right guidance. Therefore, we owe much to these London-based Programs and institutes like No Code which are driven to guide careers and lives to their full potential.

Importance of Professional Programs 

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Professional Programs understand that the future is digital!

These London-based Professional Programs provide more than education. In that sense, they are schools of old which focused on wholistic learning for overall growth. They are designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and professionals by providing excellent resources right at their fingertips. Their diverse and inclusive cultures help renew the spirit and rekindle careers. They are not a typical highbrow institute that make learning seem more daunting than it is. The road they take to learning is a less travelled one for they know that not all students are the same, and nor are the backgrounds they come from. Their courses are thus aligned with the current needs of the students so they can learn at will with a will to learn. 

Benefits of Professional Programs 

The Professional Programs in London are making a global impact on how teaching and learning should be perceived. From offering free courses to ones that can be availed by people of all ages and at all times, they are showing that learning can come naturally when it aligns itself with the natural mental makeup of the learner. To sum up, here are some of the main benefits of these courses:

  • They are inclusive and encourage women and people from marginalized groups to develop their inner talents and make a splash in the world of tech.
  • They encourage self-paced learning allowing adults to stay true to their commitments. This makes room for guilt-free learning, a key to making learning count.
  • Many Programs offer free courses and organize outreach Programs to enable minorities and underrepresented groups take the first steps in their digital journey.

Best Professional Programs in London:

  1. Code First Girls

Code First Girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting gender diversity in the tech industry. It offers coding and technology courses, workshops, and events specifically designed to empower and equip women with the skills and confidence needed for careers in tech. 

Code First Girls professional programs and workshops website screenshot
Code First Girls website

They offer various online courses for beginners as well as specialized courses in different tech domains, like software, data, full-stack, product management, DevOps & Cloud, Mobile App Development, Data Analysis, Cyber Security, and AI/ML. 

Code First Girls fosters a supportive community, advocates for equal representation in technology, and encourages women to pursue opportunities in a traditionally male-dominated field. By providing accessible and hands-on coding education, the organization is helping bridge the gender gap in the tech sector, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and innovative industry.

Website: www.codefirstgirls.com

Program Highlights:

  • 40,000+ members across the UK and Ireland
  • Recipient of several awards (TechWomen100, Women in IT, Social Enterprise UK and more)
  • Free education and training in coding for women and non-binary individuals

Who should attend:

  • Women who want a career in tech
  • Women who wish to balance work and life
  • Women who want to relaunch their careers
  • Women who wish to upskill/reskill
  • Women who wish to partake in the digital revolution

Why you should consider:

  • To gain from their comprehensive course structure
  • To meet inspiring women in tech
  • To learn to code for free

  1. City, University of London

City, University of London is a public research university that is part of the University of London Federation. It was founded in 1894 as the Northampton Institute and became a university in 1966. It has over 20,000 students and 2,000 staff members from more than 160 countries and is ranked among the top 350 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings. 

City, university of London professional programs and workshops website screenshot
City, University of London website

It’s a renowned institution known for its commitment to providing high-quality education and research opportunities. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate Programs across various disciplines, including business, engineering, computer science, and the arts.

It prides itself on its diverse and inclusive community, innovative teaching methods, and strong industry connections. In short, the City, University of London, is dedicated to preparing students for successful careers, providing academic excellence, and contributing to advancements in research and knowledge.

Website: www.city.ac.uk

Program Highlights:

  • 20,000+ students 
  • 2000+ staff members
  • Among the top 350 universities in the world

Who should attend:

  • Young tech enthusiasts
  • The unemployed
  • People looking to upskill/ reskill
  • People in between jobs
  • People looking for a career in tech

Why you should consider:

  • To gain from their well-earned reputation
  • To learn from an eclectic group of teachers
  • To benefit from their immersive courses
  • To get employment opportunities

  1. West London IoT

West London IoT or West London Institute of Technology is an educational institution that offers higher technical courses in engineering, digital and construction. It’s located at the Uxbridge Campus of Uxbridge College and offers such facilities and equipment for its students as state-of-the-art labs, workshops, studios and simulation rooms. It is one of the 12 Institutes of Technology in England which are funded by the government to provide high-quality STEM education and training. It also offers apprenticeships for those who want to combine work and study.

West London Institute of Technology professional programs and workshops website screenshot
West London Institute of Technology website

West London IoT aims to create new opportunities for its students, who come from diverse backgrounds, ages and genders. It also works closely with employers and industry partners to ensure that its courses are relevant and responsive to the needs of the labor market. 

As shared earlier, the institute has three main areas of study - engineering, construction and digital, where each course covers different aspects of the subject. For example, in engineering, there are courses in electronic and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, general engineering, etc. In construction, there are courses in civil engineering, building services engineering, etc. And in digital, there are courses in computing security, computing, games programming, etc. 

West London IoT is a new and innovative institution that is committed to excellence and an enterprising and responsive culture with a strong focus on encouraging diversity and inclusion.

Website: www.westlondoniot.ac.uk

Program Highlights:

  • High-quality STEM education and training
  • Relevant courses
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Valuable apprenticeships 
  • Diversity and inclusivity

Who should attend:

  • People from marginalized communities
  • People from minority groups
  • People looking to restart their career
  • People in between jobs
  • People who are unemployed 

Why you should consider them:

  • To benefit from its enterprising and responsive culture
  • To thrive in a culturally diverse environment
  • To develop strong leadership qualities
  • To derive value from their engaging curriculum

  1. London Business School

The London Business School (LBS) is one of the world's leading business schools and a constituent college of the University of London. It’s renowned for its excellence in business education, research, and creating a global impact. LBS offers a wide range of MBA, Executive MBA, and executive education programs, attracting students and professionals from all over the world. 

London Business School professional programs and workshops website screenshot
London Business School website

It has a renowned faculty of experts and practitioners who conduct cutting-edge research. They specialize in teaching a plethora of relevant subjects like Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management Science and Operations, Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Strategy and Entrepreneurship. The school also boasts a strong alumni network of 50,000+ individuals in 156 countries who are leaders and innovators in various sectors and industries.

Its core focus is to develop business leaders and entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and network needed to drive positive change and innovation in the world of business. LBS also conducts influential research, collaborates with industry leaders, and fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment to create a lasting impact on the business landscape.

Website: www.london.edu

Program Highlights:

  • 2,000+ students from 160+ countries
  • Renowned faculty
  • 50,000+ alumni members in 156 countries
  • Flexible and customizable curriculum

Who should attend:

  • People who are unemployed
  • People who want to switch careers
  • People who want to strike work-life balance
  • People who are unemployed
  • People who are unemployable 

Why you should consider:

  • To benefit from their flexible curriculum
  • To feel at home in their diverse environment
  • To learn from some of the world’s best minds

  1. PC Workshops

PC Workshops London offers coding and data science courses in Java, Python, SQL, VBA, Excel, Power BI and Tableau. They do this via publicly scheduled courses that are convenient and affordable, and also through customized courses that are tailored to specific needs and preferences.

PCWorkshops professional programs and workshops website screenshot
PCWorkshops website

PCW also provides support in terms of resources, hackathons and quizzes for their students. They have headquarters in London and classrooms in Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth and Southend-on-Sea. They offer online courses as well. 

Website: www.pcworkshopslondon.co.uk 

Program Highlights:

  • Online courses
  • Public Scheduled Courses
  • Customized courses
  • Great resources for students

Who should attend:

  • Young tech enthusiasts
  • People who are looking for a career in tech
  • People who wish to expand their skill-set
  • People who are unemployed
  • People who come from less privileged backgrounds

Why you should consider them:

  • To gain from their course materials, quizzes, exercises and projects
  • To learn from expert practitioners 
  • To customize your learning experience

  1. Pitman Training Group

Pitman Training Group is a well-respected organization that provides a wide range of vocational training and professional development courses. With a history dating back to the 19th century, Pitman Training continues to deliver to the needs of the modern student. The Group’s prominence not only transcends time, but also geography, proven by its network of 80+ training centers across the UK and Ireland, and 13 across Palestine, Russia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Kenya and Ghana.

Pitman Training Group professional programs and workshops website screenshot
Pitman Training Group website

The Group provides online and paper-based tests for educational organizations and offers a diverse range of courses in the areas of office skills, IT, administration, finance, and management. What sets them apart is their flexible learning approach, offering everything from full-time and part-time, to self-paced options. These courses emphasize practical skills that are relevant to the workplace, leading to job-ready graduates. 

Pitman Training operates globally, serving a wide and diverse student base. Students receive personalized support from experienced tutors while their courses offer industry-recognized certifications, thus enhancing career opportunities. Adapting to the changing times, the legendary institution has seamlessly integrated modern technology and e-learning to offer its effective courses to the world at large. 

Website: www.pitman-training.com

Program Highlights:

  • Industry-Recognized Certifications
  • Diverse Course Offerings
  • Full-time, part-time, or self-paced learning options
  • Skills that create job-ready graduates
  • Pass rate of 98% 

Who should attend:

  • People who are unemployed
  • People who are unemployable
  • People who want to switch careers
  • People who wish to start a career in tech
  • People who wish to upskill/reskill

Why you should consider:

  • To avail their flexible courses
  • To benefit from their extensive global network
  • To learn from well-established industry experts
  • To become part of a global and diverse student base

  1. 42 London

42 London is part of the 42 Network which has campuses in more than 26 countries. It is a coding school that offers an innovative and flexible learning experience to anyone who wants to learn how to code. It operates on a peer-to-peer model, where students collaborate on real-world projects and learn from each other without traditional teachers and no tuition fees. 

42 London professional programs and workshops website screenshot
42 London website

It teaches coding from scratch, starting with the C language, and progressing to other languages and technologies, such as Python, Java, SQL, web development, and AI. Assessment is based on project completion and performance. The emphasis on real-world projects provides students with practical experience. 

42 London's diverse student body includes individuals from various backgrounds and different skill levels. It promotes inclusivity and supports underrepresented groups in the tech industry, such as women and refugees. 

Website: www.42london.com

Program Highlights:

  • Free of cost
  • No traditional teachers
  • Open 24/7
  • 18,000+ students from diverse backgrounds

Who should attend:

  • People who are unemployed
  • People from marginalized communities
  • People who are unemployable
  • People in-between jobs
  • People who wish to relaunch their career

Why you should consider them:

  • To access their free courses 
  • To have 24/7 access to campus
  • To prepare for real-world challenges in tech and through tech
  • To engage with a strong peer-learning culture

  1. Made Tech

Made Tech is a technology consultancy and software delivery company. They help the government, public sector organizations, and local authorities transform digitally by accelerating their digital service delivery and making smarter decisions with data. 

Made Tech professional programs and workshops website screenshot
Made Tech website

They focus on agile methodologies and DevOps practices to deliver efficient, user-centric software solutions. Their services include software development, cloud migration, and improving digital service delivery for government clients. They emphasize transparency, open-source technology, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

Website: www.madetech.com

Program Highlights:

  • Pioneers in digital transformation
  • Experience working with the UK government
  • User-centric software

Who should attend:

  • People who are unemployed
  • People who are unemployable
  • People who wish to transition to a career in tech
  • People who are in-between jobs

Why you should consider:

  • To gain value from their vast experience
  • To learn to analyze data
  • To learn how to transform workplaces digitally

  1. Makers Academy

Makers Academy is a coding boot camp that provides intensive, hands-on coding and software development training. Their 16-week full-time courses on software development, data engineering, cloud engineering and quality engineering equip students with the skills needed to pursue careers in technology. Their courses can be accessed both remotely and on-site.

Makers Academy professional programs and workshops website screenshot
Makers Academy website

The Academy aims to create a new generation of tech entrepreneurs who are skilled and ready for the changing world. They collaborate with over 300 hiring partners, including Starling Bank, Financial Times, Deloitte UK and Cleo. They have trained 1000s of developers over the last decade, some of whom are now CTOs and tech start-up founders. 

They focus on teaching programming, software engineering, and modern development tools and practices. They have a holistic learning approach that includes an emotional intelligence curriculum and career coaching. Overall, they have a high pass and retention rate for their graduates - a feat that can be credited to their strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Website: www.makers.tech

Program Highlights:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • 300+ hiring partners
  • Remarkable track record
  • Contemporary course on coding and software development

Who should attend:

  • People who are unemployed
  • People who are unemployable
  • People who wish to start a career in tech
  • People who wish to reskill/upskill
  • People who wish to learn tech from scratch 

Why you should consider:

  • To benefit from their flexible courses
  • To gain from their network of hiring partners
  • To become skillful in tech and software
  • To thrive in their diverse and inclusive environment

  1. General Assembly

General Assembly (GA) is a London-based education and career transformation organization. Their 40+ campuses spread across six continents offer a variety of courses and programs in technology, design, business, and data. To help students derive maximum value from these courses, GA offers a flexible course regime, from full-time and part-time courses to workshops, and boot camps. To expand its reach and impact GA has launched several social impact initiatives to actively help underrepresented groups in the tech sector.

General Assembly professional programs and workshops website screenshot
General Assembly website

GA is best known for its focus on providing in-demand skills that are relevant to today's job market. Their courses often cover web development, data science, UX design, digital marketing, and more, catering to both beginners and professionals seeking to upskill or change careers.

Website: www.generalassemb.ly

Program Highlights:

  • 40+ campuses across 6 continents
  • Flexible Course Regime
  • Suited for beginners and professionals
  • Social Outreach Programs

Who should attend:

  • People who wish to restart their careers
  • People who are in between careers
  • People who wish to reskill/ upskill
  • People who are unemployed 
  • People who are unemployable 

Why you should consider:

  • To derive benefit from their flexible courses
  • To become proficient in tech, no matter your skill level
  • To become relevant and job-ready

In Conclusion

From bridging the gender gap in tech to offering digital education to minorities and marginalized groups, these Professional Programs in London along with institutes like No Code are walking the talk when it comes to transformation and equality. They understand that the future is digital. Those who may get left behind will do so not because they aren’t good enough but due to a lack of resources and opportunities. Their efforts to reach out to the underrepresented groups, for instance, have ushered in newer ways of looking at tech and using it to help the world become what it wants to be – open and inclusive.

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