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Skills to Learn to Make Money Online
Career Change

Best Skills to Learn to Make Money Online This Year

Are you stuck in a boring, monotonous job that doesn’t pay much? Do you feel unappreciated in your job? Changing your career or upgrading your skills might be daunting. But what if we told you that just after a few weeks of learning online, you could start making thousands of dollars working remotely and building the career of your dreams? You’ve read that right, we've prepared the 42 most lucrative skills in today's digital age. No prior education or expensive courses are needed.

Nelson Marteleira
September 9, 2022
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Do you want to make good money working remotely?

Are you stuck in a boring, monotonous job that doesn’t pay much?

Do you feel unappreciated in your job? Changing your career or upgrading your skills might be daunting. But what if we told you that just after a few weeks of learning online, you could start making thousands of dollars working remotely and building the career of your dreams? You’ve read that right, we've prepared the 42 most lucrative skills in today's digital age. No prior education or expensive courses are needed.

If you still think that making money is hard, think again. The digital world gives you tools and opportunities to start an exciting and lucrative career. Within a few weeks, learn new skills and change your life. No more boring jobs, no more feeling like your work doesn’t matter. All you need is a computer and internet access. 

If you do things right, these skills can turn into a full-time career or generate a passive income without you moving a finger.

With these skills, you don't need:

  • a fancy college degree
  • to spend a fortune to attain these skills
  • to waste months or years learning 
  • any prior experience (anyone can get started)
  • to worry about learning complex stuff like coding

So, let's start and see how you can create a more prosperous and easy future today.

1. No code development

Have you ever thought of creating digital products like mobile and web apps, forms, websites, etc.? You are probably thinking: well, yeah, but it takes years to learn to code, and I'm not that good at math. 

You can quickly start creating these in-demand digital products and services without writing a single line of code. 

Bankers, call center workers, retailers, you name it, are becoming professional developers and entrepreneurs within weeks just by learning simple no-code techniques. 

No-code development is a faster and easier way to build digital products than traditional coding (and it has great earning potential). No-code is a method to create websites, mobile and web apps, workflow automation, software programs, and other digital tools. 

The unique thing about no-code development is that you don’t need to know complicated programming languages or prior technical education or skills. Online tools like Bubble, Zapier, Webflow, etc enable you to build digital products without spending years learning to code.

You can start today. A leading nocode re-skilling learning platform No-Code Institute offers No-Code Foundations Program. It teaches you how to use the most common no-code tools and implement new skills into your current job or create new career prospects.

Nocode foundations program banner
Nocode Foundations Program

You don't need an IT background, be a master mathematician, or even be tech-savvy. The course is designed to bridge you with digital opportunities effortlessly. "No code development" is the simple, single super skill you need to learn to do dozens of different jobs, from a mobile app developer to a website designer.

Most coding courses have tons of learning material, which can be intimidating for a novice developer or someone who only started learning about digital products and wants to expand their skillset. That's why we go step by step learning the tools and techniques for sustainable growth and education.

Within a few weeks, you can learn and start your journey as a professional no-code developer. 

The earning potential for no-code developers is $124,661. And all you need to know is how to use a few simple no-code programs we teach in our course. Check out our program: No-Code Foundations.

2. Programming

Black screen with code language in pink, mustard and petrol blue
Learning to code can open many doors

Programming is essential if you want to build large and complex digital products and give commands to a computer. For that, you use different programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, etc. 

Why should you consider learning to program?

Everything you see online is created using programming languages. Knowing at least one programming language opens many doors to creating your own digital products like complex websites, apps, games, and many more. 

Also, programming nowadays is one of the most critical skills in the workplace, almost guaranteeing you a well-paid job.

How can you learn to program?

Before, most programmers had to go and get a degree in IT. But now, you have many options within your reach.

  • Learn the most common programming languages.
  • Register for online courses.
  • Attend programming boot camps.
  • Some companies launch their own programming courses to teach and onboard potential employees. 
  • Or take the easy way and learn no-code.

How can you use programming to make money online?

Whether you choose to work for a company or start your own online business, programming is a lucrative field. If you decide to work independently, you can find many clients who need you to program their websites, create apps, and do other tasks. 

Earning potential: between $67k to $116k per year, with most programmers on the higher end. 

3. Web development

Desk with coffee, phones, mobile and Laptop displaying the word Brand
Build and maintain websites, an excellent money-maker

Do you ever visit a website and wonder who's approved this design and functionality? Well, web development is an excellent skill to learn if you have a knack for tech, design, and efficiency.

Web developers create and maintain websites. Some do just one part of the whole project, while others work from the beginning of the idea to the maintenance of the up-and-running website. It's a high in-demand job that can help you launch your own website or find clients to make their online presence stand out.

Why should you consider learning web development?

Web development can help you stand out with a nice and functional website. 

Web development is a mix of creative and technical skills that allow you to implement the best techniques to your own business to build a professional website or help clients develop and maintain theirs.

How can you learn web development?

Many online platforms offer web development courses. To be a good web developer, you will need to:

  • Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create and design a website. 
  • By learning some basic commands, you can start practicing yourself and find lots of resources online on how to customize your projects.
  • Or you can work smarter. No-code tools allow mastering web development without you needing to be an expert in HTML, CSS, or programming languages.

How can you use web development to make money online?

Now more than ever, people need professional websites. Those days are over when an introductory page on was enough to show your work. 

Now, everyone from freelancers to multibillion companies seeks to have professional and functional websites. You can work full-time or launch your freelance business, as well as create website templates and sell them online.

Earning potential: $55k to $108k

4. Web app development

Two keyboards, mouse and tablet displaying an app building and development
App Development, a growing field

Web apps are programs that can be accessed without downloading an additional app. Some examples are Gmail, Trello, Netflix, Pinterest, and many others. Web app developers create and manage applications for the web. 

Why should you consider learning web app development?

Web app development is an important and growing field. Such applications are easier to maintain and manage, as well as integrate with other programs. Web apps benefit office workers who spend most of their time on computers instead of phones. 

How can you learn web app development?

If you're creative and have a keen eye for detail, you already have what it takes to become a web app developer. 

  • No-code development allows you to build most web app programs.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C++ languages you can learn online or try to get an internship in a company where you could build your portfolio. Also, the internet offers myriads of paid and free online courses, teachers, and mentors who can help you reach your goals faster.

How can you use web app development to make money online?

Easy. You can either become self-employed and build a client base or get hired by one of the thousands of companies looking for professional web app developers. 

Earning potential: between $56,710 and $155,609

5. Mobile app development

Tools, wireframe and sketches for app development, book, laptop and computer
App development, a lucrative field

Mobile app developers create and manage mobile applications. The mobile app sector is lucrative and currently stands at $187.58 billion

The sector is predicted to grow by 13.4% from 2022 to 2030, which shows a growing demand for trained mobile app developers

Why should you consider learning mobile app development?

Besides being a lucrative field, mobile app development is fun, and it helps people. Most of us couldn't imagine our lives without apps enabling us to track our tasks, time, steps, glasses of water, calories, and everyday activities. 

Mobile apps have a significant impact on people and their daily lives.

How can you learn mobile app development?

  • Online you will find an abundance of material to start developing apps and create your portfolio. 
  • You can learn to code and try making your own apps. You can find great inspiration and mentors on learning platforms and social media. 
  • If you don't have the time to learn to code, don't worry, you can quickly master the skill of mobile app development with no-code tools and app builder platforms.

How can I use mobile app development to make money online?

Hundreds of companies are hiring talented mobile app developers. It's a profitable niche, so you don't need to go too far to reach the right clients or companies that want to hire you. 

Earning potential: between $72k and $143k

6. Marketing automation

Four step automation process workflow for a food order
Automate businesses processes with marketing strategies

Marketing automation describes tools and strategies designed to optimize marketing processes such as set email campaigns, social media posts, blog articles, and other operations and materials. Such software can help businesses achieve process automation and ease day-to-day tasks.

Why should you consider learning marketing automation?

No matter what work you do, you probably use marketing channels to promote your business. Knowing how effectively automate those processes can save you time and make marketing seamless.

How can you learn marketing automation?

Marketing automation starts with a strategy. 

  • Identify the pain points and processes that could be automated. 
  • Use your strategic mindset to find the best way to optimize your work using software. 
  • Email marketing, social media, and communication skills are useful because they use automation the most.
  • Knowing no-code development can help you use more complex automation programs to get more accurate and optimized results.

How can you use marketing automation to make money online?

Many companies hire marketing automation specialists full-time, but you can also become a freelance consultant. It's an excellent job for someone good at time and task planning and strategizing. 

Also, it's a valuable skill if you run your own business. By automating your marketing processes, you can save a lot of time and use it to earn more money from your primary responsibilities.

Earning potential: between $48,000 to $75,000.

7. Workflow automation

workflow diagram build in colored geometric boxes connected by black arrows
Put those strategies on autopilot!

Workflow automation integrates strategies, programs, and planning to create a process flow. For example, using the right programs, you can automatically create tasks from emails and let them run without human intervention. 

Why should you consider learning workflow automation?

It can help you facilitate your own work and make most daily operations faster. Automation saves time, costs, and increases productivity.

How can you learn to create workflow automation?

Artificial intelligence runs most automated processes. But for it to work, you need to learn some code to create "if-then" statements to instruct those programs to perform. However, you don't need to learn to code to master workflow automation. Many software runs on no-code programs.

How can you use workflow automation to make money online? 

If you learn to optimize your own tasks, you can save a lot of time and money. Companies know that too, so they are enthusiastic about hiring people who can create smooth process automation and save them time.

Earning potential: between $45,207 and $87,125

8. Analytics

Macbook Pro displaying analyitc graphs
Do you have analytic thinking? Are you into data?

Analytics is a skill that teaches you how to analyze and interpret data and statistics. Regularly analyzing data helps enterprises see what's working and what could be improved, find revenue streams, close money gaps, and predict future events.

Analytics can refer to many different types of business processes such as marketing, invoicing and billing, financial analytics, or supply chain analytics.

Why should you consider learning analytics?

It's an in-demand profession that helps businesses save money and improve their processes. It can be great for someone who has analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

How can you learn analytics?

  • Choose what type of analytics you're most interested in, then find the most commonly used software and practice. 
  • Learn from online courses. Some software providers like Google Analytics have free classes to teach you how to use their programs. 
  • By practicing and analyzing data and learning the material soon, you can become professional in reading and predicting numbers.
  • No-code tools can ease your journey. They help create and optimize analytics tools and processes.

How can you use analytics to make money?

You can either start your career as a self-employed data analyst and offer your services to clients or find full-time job opportunities.

Earning potential: $41,000 to $250,000 for senior roles.

And the best part is that you don’t need to be a math geek or study for years to get a degree. No-code development allows you to get the most of many skills like web development, mobile and web app development, automation, analytics, and many more. 

Just by learning this one skill, you can easily master at least a dozen other skills listed on this list. So why go step by step when all it takes is to learn no-code and get started.

9. Sales

Woman standing pointing a white board explaining a sale to a seated audience. Office mood
Sales, a universal skill that comes in many forms

Sales is a universal skill crucial for any type of business or venture. Sales go beyond online and can have many forms, such as sending cold calls and emails, attending networking events, meetings with clients, hosting product demonstrations, fairs, and more.

Why should you consider learning sales?

Sales are essential because you’re always selling something. Even if you don’t market an actual product, at some point, you sell your services or yourself as a potential employee. 

How can you learn sales?

  • Find information online like courses, seminars, mentors, etc. 
  • Some great books about advertising and sales are worth reading, such as The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy or Way Of The Wolf by Jordan Belfort. These books are timeless and give you many tips on how to persuade people to make them trust you and buy your services or products.

How can you use sales to make money online?

You can use this skill to sell everything. You can learn to sell your skills and expertise to the next potential employer, your online services or products, or help companies sell theirs. 

A good salesperson is more than just a charismatic chatty-cathy. A good salesperson knows sales techniques, how to use them, and understands human psychology.

Earning potential: $43,580 and $89,030

10. Community management

Three women seated on a brown couch, taking notes on paper sheets
Managing a community requires skills and personality

Community managers create and manage a business’s community across different networks. They are responsible for handling the online and offline representation of the company. 

Why should you consider learning community management?

It’s a great skill if you are social and communicative. Although community management comes with many responsibilities, if you’re good at handling a public audience and representing a business, this can turn into a lucrative career.

How can you learn community management?

Community management requires different skills to master. 

  • You need to learn more about social media and the digital representation of a business. 
  • It’s worth learning more about PR, marketing, communication, sales, and event organization to be good at community management.

How can you use community management to make money online?

Not everyone can handle the pressure of representing a business. Companies will compete to hire you if you have the right skills and personality. As most of the work is done online, you have many remote work opportunities, as well as freelance prospects.

Earning potential: between $35K and $151K

11. Podcasting

Man with headphones and desk microphone facing two monitores while recording a podcast
Do you have potencial to entertain, advertise, get sponsors...?

Podcasts are digital recordings that can be uploaded to podcasting platforms like Spotify, Podbean, Apple podcasts, and many more. Podcasts can be used to inform, educate, entertain, or attract an audience. 

Why should you consider learning to podcast?

Podcasting is booming and set to grow 25.3% during 2022-2028. People prefer podcasts over other media types because they can listen to recordings everywhere without taking a break from their jobs or other tasks. 

How can you learn to podcast?

The best way to learn to podcast is to practice. 

  • First, think of a goal for your podcast. Do you want to share tips related to your business or just dive deeper into the topics you are crazy about? 
  • Set the idea and start recording. 
  • Learn from your favorite podcasters and refine your podcast.

How can you use podcasting to earn money online?

  • Attract more people to buy or use your products. If you are talking about your niche, you are more likely to attract people who are interested in it. 
  • Earn from sponsors and advertising. If you get noticed by your niche sponsors and have a decent organic audience, you can make money out of your hobby. 
  • Sell premium content on subscription-based platforms. 

Earning potential: Famous podcasters make between $10,000 and $500,000 per episode.

12. Blogging

Left profile of seated woman in a pink suit with hands on laptop keyboard. On the desk also pens, cup and jar with wildflowers
Blogging, a way to attract and engage people

Blogging refers to writing and publishing content on a blog. It can be any content like articles, photographs, illustrations, guides, etc. 

Why should you consider learning to blog?

Blogging is a great skill for any marketer or a business owner. Blogging for your business can increase the number of organic visitors, educate the customers, create awareness about your business, and lead visitors through the buyer’s journey. 

How can you learn to blog?

  • Learn to blog by writing your own blog posts. You can do it on your website or guest blog for others. 
  • Read popular blogs and analyze what makes them good.
  • Understand the structure of a well-written blog, practice grammar and style, and master different types of writing. 
  • SEO (search engine optimization), publishing, and content promotion are also worth learning more about.

How can you use blogging to make money online?

To earn money online, launch a website and start blogging. Find a topic you’re interested in and think your readers would be too. When your blog gets popular, you can earn from advertising and affiliate promotions. 

You can also write for other famous blogs that pay writers or launch your email campaign and charge a few bucks for premium content.

Earning potential: $40,000 to $80,000

13. Content creation

Close view of a camera with a wind muff microphone recording a woman talking. Blured image of the woman in the background
How about creating content?

Content refers to articles, blog posts, social media posts, videos, photographs, memes, gifs, you name it. This article is a piece of content. 

Why should you consider learning content creation?

Content creation is an essential modern skill crucial to attracting and retaining an audience. A successful digital brand must create tons of quality content to stay relevant and generate organic traffic.

How can you learn content creation?

Content comes in all forms, so you might want to master one skill at a time. 

  • Learn to write persuasive web copy or film and edit vlogs for Instagram or Youtube.
  • Choose your niche and start. 
  • Learn from your favorite creators, and follow their blogs, social media, and other channels to master content creation secrets.

How can you use content creation to make money online?

Some platforms like Youtube or Medium pay you for posting videos and articles when they reach a certain amount of traffic. 

You can also sell premium content, start affiliate programs, add ads to your platform and promote your sponsors.

Earning potential: $45,320 to $140,000. Salary depends on your popularity and the platforms you use. 

14. Content writing

Woman writing website content at her laptop. At her left side, notebook, glasses and mobile phone
A good content can have a huge impact

A content writer produces blog articles, web copy, landing pages, guides, eBooks, and other content to create brand awareness and attract traffic to a website, social media, or blog. 

Why should you consider learning content writing?

You can quickly become a content writer if you are creative and have your way with words. It’s an exciting skill with many opportunities and interesting projects, allowing you to work remotely on your own terms.

How can you learn content writing?

  • Practice makes everything perfect, so writing every day is non-negotiable. 
  • Read books about content writing, follow fellow content writers to learn first hand, and write write write. 
  • Hire other content writers or editors to review your work to help you fix your mistakes and improve. 
  • Additional skills for content writers are SEO, content management and strategy, promotion, social media, and branding. 

How can you use content writing to earn money online?

Companies are constantly looking for professional content writers because it doesn’t cost much to produce content, but it can generate a significant profit. You can look for full-time opportunities or start your freelance business. 

Earning potential: $43,000 and $83,000.

15. Creative writing

Woman writing content on notebook and laptop
Creativity, way with words and storytelling skills?

Creative writing allows you to fully embody your creativity with words, scenarios, and narratives. Creative writers write fiction and non-fiction, poetry, scripts, and screenplays. 

Why should you consider learning creative writing?

Creative writing can be an excellent skill for creating stories and scripts. But you can use this skill for any type of writing because the best writing has a story and emotion to intrigue the reader. 

How can you learn creative writing?

You can attend creative writing classes or buy courses from acknowledged writers. But the best way to learn is to write. Learn from your favorite authors and try to copy their style until you come up with yours. 

How can you use creative writing to make money online?

  • Make money by writing books, scripts for movies, videos, and shows. 
  • Submit your work to online writing contests and publications that pay writers to publish. 
  • Publish ebooks on Amazon or other online marketplaces to generate passive income.
  • Use your creative skills to adapt them to content or copywriting.

Earning potential: $45,700 and $60,014

16. Copywriting

A day in the life of a copywriter topics
@Teresa Chiechi | The Balance

Copywriting refers to writing copy to persuade or sell products or services to readers. Copywriters mostly write sales copy such as sales pages, ads, value propositions, lead magnet emails and pages, and other types of content that directly generate profits.

Why should you consider learning copywriting?

Professional copywriters can charge several hundred dollars hourly. If you know how to juggle words and use the best sales and psychological tactics to persuade people to buy or take action, you can become a copywriter.

How can you learn copywriting?

  • Read books and learn from the best copywriters to see what selling techniques they use. 
  • Learn those techniques and try to apply them to your writing. 
  • Additional valuable skills are SEO, language and communication, sales, and digital marketing.

How can you use copywriting to make money online?

You can look for a full-time job or become a freelance copywriter. Freelance copywriters offer their writing services, but they can also upsell as consultants and mentors. 

Earning potential: $59,683 and $78,211.

17. Video editing

Man at computer editing a video on his studio
Not everyone knows how to work video content in a professional way

Video editors edit video material, adjust sounds, graphics, and effects necessary to produce a quality film or a video. 

Why should you consider learning video editing?

With the video content booming, it’s wise to invest in producing and editing video material. Many people know how to make basic videos. But to perform well, footage has to be edited and prepared, creating demand for professional video editors. 

How can you learn video editing?

  • Invest in the tools necessary for video editing, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie. 
  • Learn from Youtube or other content online to use those tools. 
  • Start creating your portfolio. Record some footage and use your skills to make it look professional. 

How can you use video editing to make money online?

You can either work for a company or start your own service. Many people have footage but no one to make it look professional and presentable. Pitch your services to businesses and content creators and soon, you will have recognition and a professional portfolio to increase your rates.

Earning potential: $50,878 and $70,533 

18. Video content creation

Cartoon type image of video-camera, people and word balloons: stop, rec, #, pause, play
With video content you can explore several niches. Find yours!

Creating video content is more relevant than ever. Video content refers to any video footage creators film, edit, and upload to their websites, social media, or platforms like Youtube and Vimeo. 

Why should you consider learning video content creation?

Video content is huge right now, and it’s only predicted to grow (and reach ​​$391.1 billion by 2027). Every marketer or entrepreneur should know how to produce quality video content because it’s essential for building an audience and scaling your business online. 

How can you learn video content creation?

  • Find content online about creating persuasive and engaging content that shows results. 
  • Follow YouTubers, tiktokers, and Instagram influencers who share their insights on making in the industry and inspire you. 
  • Find a niche and start practicing.

How can you use video content creation to make money online?

You can publish your work on multiple platforms such as social media or Youtube. 

Youtube pays its creators for views, clicks, and comments, so if you have an audience, you can make a lot of money. You can also monetize this skill by promoting sponsors and putting ads in your videos.

Earning potential: You can make anything between a few hundred bucks and six figures per month, depending on your popularity and the channels you use.

19. Internet research 

Laptop displaying engine search Google landing page
Do your friends trust on your FBI skills? Time to make money of it

Internet researchers spend their time investigating various topics and information online. They perform different types of research, such as analyzing information online, doing their own surveys and research, interviewing people, and forming focus groups.

Why should you consider learning internet research?

Many companies don’t have time and skills to conduct research themselves, so they look for professionals who can gather and distinguish credible information online.

How can you learn internet research?

Best online researchers spend hours digging for the right information. If you can find the second cousin of your BFF’s crush only knowing his name, you are suitable for the job.

On top of that, learn to conduct surveys, do interviews, and find the right people to talk to. 

How can you use internet research to make money online?

You can work as a freelance online researcher and offer your services to businesses. Some large companies look for full-time researchers. 

Earning potential: $33,530 to $120,460

20. Transcription

Cartoon type headphones, keyboard and sound wave
Transcription, the process of copying audio to text

Transcription specialists listen to audio or video recordings and transcribe the words into text. These texts are used to optimize video content to reach a bigger audience or provide clear transcripts to journalists, lawyers, and researchers.

Why should you consider learning transcription?

Transcription is an easy skill to learn that can generate a decent online income. You can do this work remotely from anywhere in the world.

How can you learn transcription?

  • Have great attention to detail.
  • Good grammar understanding.
  • Understand different niche-related terms.
  • Good typing accuracy and speed.

How can you use transcription to make money online?

Transcription is an easy skill, but it consumes a lot of time. If you have time and want extra income, you can become a profitable transcriber by registering at transcription job platforms or looking for clients yourself.

Earning potential: $20,800-$83,200

21. Translation

A globe with several flag form balloons, keyboard in the background
Look for freelance job market platforms or translation agencies

Translators translate articles, interviews, videos, and other content from one language to another. Translations are necessary for trade, legal, political, and other purposes. 

Why should you consider learning translation?

If you speak more than one language, you can start earning money from it today. Most translation jobs can be done remotely, so you choose your freedom of work.

How can you learn translation?

  • Master at least one other language than your mother tongue;
  • Be familiar with the grammar and style of both languages;
  • Be able to interpret communication and adapt it to another language.

How can you use translation to make money online?

You can work as a freelance translator and build your client base. Register on freelance job marketplace platforms to have a constant workflow or apply to translation agencies.

Earning potential: $38,410 to $72,630

22. Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite banner

Microsoft Office Suite is a collection of Microsoft Office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote, and others.

Why should you consider learning Microsoft Office Suite?

Most businesses use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint daily. A general understanding of these programs can help you find better career opportunities and navigate every type of job more efficiently.

How can you learn Microsoft Office Suite?

  • Microsoft training programs;
  • Online courses;
  • Practice and internships.

How can you use Microsoft Office Suite to make money online?

Many companies are paying good money for people who can use Excel and Word to optimize the information and analyze data. PowerPoint skills can land you projects preparing presentations for companies. You can also use your MS Office skills to plan and allocate tasks. 

Earning potential: around $49,000.

23. Digital marketing

Laptop, paper work and mobile phone with marketing charts
Plan, execute, analyse, repeat

Digital marketing is the process of planning a digital marketing strategy and operations and executing them. Digital marketers work with social media, web development and design, PR, SEO, and other online networks to connect the business with an audience. 

Why should you consider learning digital marketing?

It’s an essential skill for any business that wants to scale in the digital age. You must know how to promote and represent your business online to convert customers and generate profit. 

How can you learn digital marketing?

Learn or be willing to practice these skills, and you’re good to go:

  • Content strategy planning and execution
  • Social media
  • Content writing
  • Paid advertising
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics

How can you use digital marketing to make money online?

You can either find a full-time position or offer freelance services. Many digital marketing specialists offer B2B consultations across multiple mediums for businesses trying to establish their online presence.  

Earning potential: $81,890 and $100,745

24. Google Ads

Woman pointing google ads related design elements
Google offers free courses

Google Ads lets businesses put their ad campaigns on the search engine. Google Ads specialists plan, create, publish, and manage ad campaigns.

Why should you consider learning Google Ads?

Many companies use paid ads because they have better conversions than organic traffic. That means companies pay a lot for someone who can set up a successful ad campaign.

How can you learn Google Ads?

Google offers free ad courses on its Academy. In addition, it’s good to know how to write persuasive copy, apply SEO rules, and other digital marketing skills.

How can you use Google Ads to make money online?

Most ad specialists work remotely or as freelancers and generate their income from a client network.

Earning potential: $50,911 and $82,940

25. Facebook Ads

Facebook business page screenshot

Facebook ads is an advertising method used to promote products or services on Facebook. The social media platform allows you to create ad campaigns and launch them on Facebook to target people based on various metrics such as age, likes, hobbies, education, and more.

Why should you consider learning Facebook Ads?

Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly users, making it a desirable channel for businesses to find customers. It doesn’t take much to master this skill. You can work from home and quickly find clients online.

How can you learn Facebook Ads?

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has an extensive library of free courses where anyone can learn to set up and manage their ad campaigns.

How can you use Facebook Ads to make money online? 

You can set up your freelance business and find clients who want to use Facebook ads to attract more customers and boost their sales. 

Earning potential: $52,000 and $81,000

26. Youtube Ads

Youtube advertising banner

Youtube ads allow adding ads to your own content or sponsoring your favorite creators that work in your niche.

Why should you consider learning Youtube Ads?

It’s an easy skill to learn that can generate a decent income. Most ad specialists work with multiple projects and set and manage campaigns without much effort.

How can you learn Youtube Ads?

  • Set Google Ads account (Youtube Ads are managed using a Google account).
  • Learn from other creators on the platform.
  • Learn from courses on Google.

How can you use Youtube Ads to make money online?

Youtube is a constantly growing platform that attracts millions of viewers daily. Running ads on Youtube can bring significant profits for companies. 

If you know how to plan, set, and manage a Youtube ad campaign, you can find freelance clients or offer your consulting services.

Earning potential: $72,005.

27. Video ads

Hands holding mobile phone displaying a video advertising
Video advertising can excel a campaign

Video advertising uses videos to promote products and services. Most platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., allow you to run video ads to attract more customers.

Why should you consider learning video ads? 

94% of marketers say video has helped them increase customers’ understanding of a product or service. And video content is only growing, so companies are looking for professionals like you who can create and manage video ad campaigns.

How can you learn video ads?

  • Master video filming and editing.
  • Learn how to use the most popular platforms for your ad campaigns.
  • Plan, manage, and analyze your campaigns.

How can you use video ads to make money online?

Most video ad specialists work as freelancers or freelance consultants. It lets you set your own rate and work with as many clients as you like. 

Earning potential: Around $88,509.

28. Content marketing

Two monitors on a desk displaying content marketing work
Create brand awareness using the right strategies

Content marketing refers to using articles, guides, blog posts, ebooks, videos, photographs, and illustrations to promote your business and create brand awareness.

Why should you consider learning content marketing?

Content marketing is in-demand because content lets businesses attract new visitors and turn them into paying customers without significant investments. 

How can you learn content marketing?

  • Learn from online courses.
  • Follow content marketing specialists online.
  • Sign up for an internship in a company in your niche.
  • Learn the ins and outs of inbound marketing, tools, and methods.

How can you use content marketing to make money online?

You can choose to either work full-time in a company or start freelancing. Freelance content marketers work with multiple clients, plan their content strategies and help manage different types of content for the best results. 

Earning potential: $68,000 to $102,000

29. Social media marketing

Laptop and mobile displaying a Facebook page
The power of social media campaigns

Social media marketing focuses on creating and planning social media campaigns, posting and interacting with customers, analyzing data, and adapting future strategies.

Why should you consider learning social media marketing?

If social media is your life and the first thing you do in the morning is scroll TikTok, think of turning it into a full-time career. 

Billions of people use different social media channels to interact daily with businesses. Knowing how to attract and convert users to customers using social media can become the primary revenue stream for a business. 

How can you learn social media marketing?

  • Online courses.
  • Understanding monetization methods for different social media platforms.
  • Understanding user behavior.
  • Mastering design, writing, and video editing tools necessary for social media.
  • Getting certification on various social media platforms and tools.

How can you use social media marketing to earn money online?

You can become a social media marketing specialist or consultant and help companies plan and strategize their campaigns. 

Earning potential: $95,925 and $122,971.

30. Cold email marketing

Hands on keyboard, net of bright dots and envelops
Marketing and negotiation skills required

Cold emails are a marketing strategy used to attract potential customers by sending them emails. The goal of this strategy is for a potential customer to read and respond to an email and take action.

Why should you consider learning cold email marketing?

Whether you’re pitching to clients or searching for new job prospects, knowing how to write an actionable email is a valuable skill.

How can you learn cold email marketing?

  • Get to know the best email marketing strategies.
  • Know the receiver and familiarize yourself with their needs, industry, and pain points.
  • Learn copywriting and sales techniques.
  • Have good communication and negotiation skills.

How can you use cold email marketing to make money online? 

Effective cold outreach techniques can position you as an outreach specialist. You then can choose to work in-house or as a freelance specialist.

Earning potential: $37,050 to $62,500

31. Link building

Link building topics: SEO, Link emoji, notes
Improve your SERP using link building

Link building is an SEO strategy to attract more people to your website. Link building specialist makes sure other websites link to your website. The more quality backlinks lead to the website, the better SERP positioning the website gets. 

Why should you consider learning link building?

Link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies that can rank up a website in no time, and businesses are keen to pay for the best talent who can do that. 

How can you learn link building?

  • SEO courses online.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Content distribution and promotion.
  • Applying best PR strategies.
  • Knowing your audience and where they hang out.

How can you use link building to make money online?

Most link-building specialists specialize in SEO. But you can become a freelance expert to make money by helping brands get as many quality links to their web pages as possible. 

Earning potential: $81,886 per year.

32. Teaching

Two books, 2 chalk sticks and blackboard with ABC in the background
Master a skill, find a community, join an online platform

Teaching is as old as time, but digital technologies have changed how we teach and learn. You can teach most things online these days. If you have exceptional knowledge of something, you can teach it. 

Why should you consider learning to teach?

You can teach languages, digital skills, playing guitar, math, you name it. If you’re exceptionally good at something, you can monetize your skills.

How can you learn to teach?

  • Master one skill that it’s worth teaching others.
  • Find the best platforms to reach your students.
  • Prepare your material and start teaching.

How can you use teaching to make money online?

You can create your own community and try to find students online, or you can join one of the many teaching platforms online. Some of those platforms pay per hour, views, students, etc. 

Earning potential: From a few dollars to hundreds per hour, depending on the field and your expertise.

33. Course creation

Loom website screenshot

Course creation allows you to share something you have extensive knowledge about with others. 

Why should you consider learning course creation?

It’s a passive income stream. All you need to do is to film yourself giving a course and find the right platform to share it. Many online course platforms allow teachers to upload their courses for free or a small fee.

How can you learn course creation?

  • Find something you know very well.
  • Learn how to present that information in the best way possible.
  • Plan the course, film and edit it, and launch it.

How can you use course creation to make money online?

If you are, for instance, an expert web developer, you can create a course teaching web development techniques. While you continue your work, the money from the course pours in.

Earning potential: $25,000 – $50,000.

34. Graphic design

Photoshop software screenshot
Unleash your creativity and learn the secrets of visual communication

Graphic designers create visuals such as illustrations, social media posts, web images, icons, etc., to represent business identity and communicate with customers. 

Why should you learn graphic design?

If you’re creative and tech-savvy, graphic design is a lucrative and exciting skill to master. You can express yourself by creating logos, illustrations, and other visuals to help companies represent their brand.

How can you learn graphic design?

  • Learn Adobe programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Learn how to create work optimized for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).
  • Nurture your creativity.
  • Follow the latest graphic design trends.
  • Understand the secrets of branding.
  • Master different file formats.

How can you use graphic design to make money online?

Most graphic designers either work for themselves or companies. Either way, you would work with branding and communication visuals.

Earning potential: Around $50,710 but the pay scale increases for senior designers.

35. Web design

Desk with coffee, notebook and laptop displaying Design Anything
Front-end development, empowering the user experience

Web design refers to the front-end part of web development or to what the website users see. A web designer creates and adjusts fonts, layouts, placement, and other visual aspects of the website for a better user experience. 

Why should you consider learning web design?

It’s an excellent skill for someone who’s creative and likes to code. You can express your creativity and earn good money by creating beautiful and functional websites.

How can you learn web design?

  • Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the main codes used in the front-end.
  • Learn how to optimize the website for the best user experience.
  • Have a good eye for visual design.
  • You can learn website design without coding just by using no-code tools.

With no-code, you can design professional websites without HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Easy-to-use tools help you build websites and create unique designs.

How can you use web design to make money online?

Most web designers work for agencies and companies or run their freelance businesses. You can also design web templates and sell them on online marketplaces.

Earning potential: $42,000 to $62,000 with senior roles reaching up to $92,874. 

36. UI/UX design

Bunch of UXUI sketches on paper, post-its, hands holding sharpie markers
Understand audiences and conceptualize ideas

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design refer to web, mobile, app, product, etc., design and how visitors interact with it. 

Why should you consider learning UI/UX design?

The way users feel and interact with digital products determines their purchasing decision. You can expect to earn a lot if you have what it takes to become a professional UI/UX designer.

How can you learn UI/UX design?

  • Learn to prototype and conceptualize your ideas;
  • Master HTML, CSS, JavaScript skills, or for easier start - no-code tools.
  • Understand how users interact with different concepts;
  • Know your audience and their behavior.

How can you use UI/UX design to make money online?

You can offer your services to companies or work full-time. On top of that, you can sell your design products online.

Earning potential: $30,000 to $520,000

37. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant working from home office
Is multitasking a skill? Be a virtual assistant!

A virtual assistant does administrative work for companies and private people. They reply to calls and emails, manage clients' time and tasks, arrange meetings, organize daily responsibilities, maintain their social media, and perform many other duties.

Why should you consider learning virtual assistance?

You can also work from anywhere worldwide as long as you have a computer, phone, and internet access.

How can you learn virtual assistance?

  • Know how to use at least a few time and task management programs, create sheets, presentations, documents, and analyze data;
  • Be familiar with email communication;
  • Have good time management and communication skills.

How can you use virtual assistance to make money online?

Most virtual assistants take on a few clients and charge them hourly. You can choose if you want to work for one company or several people. 

Earning potential: $21,000 to $56,000.

38. Smart contract development

Person on couch using laptop, 4 programming and design related books on the side
If you're a problem solver and an analytic thinker, this will suit you

Smart contracts are programs stored on a blockchain and used to protect agreements. 

Why should you learn smart contract development?

More and more businesses operate on blockchain, increasing the need for web3 contracts. You can find lucrative opportunities around the world and work remotely.

How can you learn smart contract development?

  • Learn one of the main blockchain languages;
  • Learn other programming languages like JavaScript and Phyton;
  • Have analytical thinking;
  • Be a problem solver.

How can you use smart contract development to make money online?

Many companies are looking for expert smart contract development specialists, and they usually pay them very well. You can also try establishing yourself as a freelance developer and earn money from your client network.

Earning potential: $147,600.

39. Art

Digital illustration representing a NFT art gallery
Isn't this cool? Web3 NFT's art galleries

Art in the web3 context connects artist and their work with digital opportunities and transforms the traditional art trading scene. Web3 art can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that prove ownership of art pieces. 

Why should you consider learning web3 art?

If you can create digital products such as illustrations, photographs, videos, music, and any other type of art, you can earn great money selling it on the blockchain. 

How can you learn web3 art?

  • Find your niche - think of what you are good at (creating music, drawing digital art, illustration, etc.)
  • Find a good NFT platform and learn how to save files in the correct format.
  • Establish your online presence and try to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

How can you use art to make money online?

If you're a talented artist, you can sell your art on blockchain-based platforms to earn good money. You don't need any prior education or direct communication with clients.

Earning potential: From a few hundred dollars per month to hundreds of thousands just after selling one art piece.

40. Meme marketing

Toy Story movie scene transformed in a Meme: Buzz Lightyear says "Memes, memes everywhere" to Woody
Let's admit, we all love a good meme trend!

Memes are images or videos that represent some idea or cultural context, usually in a funny or sarcastic way. 

Why should you consider learning meme marketing?

It can be a fun job if you're invested in current events and can turn them into funny and sarcastic illustrations.

How can you learn meme marketing?

  • Be familiar with the meme concept;
  • Follow the most recent trends on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Discord;
  • Be able to communicate and stay up to date with the web3 community.

How can you use meme marketing to make money online?

You can make memes and sell them on NFT platforms or help other companies develop their meme marketing strategy. You can also go the traditional way and sell your memes on online marketplaces or create a page on Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube and earn money from sponsors, views, and clicks.

Earning potential: From a few to thousands of dollars, depending on your selling methods and audience engagement.

41. Blockchain development

How the blockchain works in 5 steps
Source: The Motley Fool

Blockchain development is becoming increasingly popular because blockchain offers better accessibility and security for anyone interested. 

Why should you consider learning blockchain development?

Blockchain developers are well-paid and have many job opportunities. With this skill, you can help companies build their programs on a blockchain architecture.

How can you learn blockchain development?

  • Know at least one programming language used on a blockchain, such as C++, Golang, C#, JavaScript, Solidity, Python, Ruby, and Java;
  • Be familiar with smart contracts;
  • Have an understanding of distributed technology and main blockchain principles.

How can you use blockchain development to earn money online?

You can work full-time or freelance to grow your client base. Most blockchain developers earn way above the average. You can also build your own blockchain products and sell them.

Earning potential: $150,000 to $175,000.

42. Community Moderation & Management

Three woman in a good mood walking trough the office holding briefcases
How about managing a community social and work platform?

Community moderators and managers work to ensure a pleasant experience for all community members across forums and social media platforms. 

Why should you consider learning Community Moderation & Management?

If you enjoy managing people, this could be a great way to monetize your skills. Most community moderators and managers work on platforms like Discord, Twitter, and other social media.

How can you learn Community Moderation & Management?

  • Have great communication, negotiation, and people skills;
  • Plan community events and communication strategies;
  • Be familiar with different social media channels;
  • Volunteer at your favorite forums or platforms to gain experience.

How can you use Community Moderation & Management to make money online?

You can try to find freelance opportunities or get a full-time job.

Earning potential: $42,187 up to $100K.

Final thoughts

Nocode Institute Foundations Program screenshot
Nocode Institute Foundations Program

The digital world gives us countless opportunities to grow and build stable careers. Whether you already have a job or are searching to add a side income, these skills can help you achieve financial freedom.

With a bunch of information and resources online, you can build a significant revenue stream without investing a dime.

And the best thing is that you don't need to master all of these skills, pick one that you're most interested in and start learning. No-code development is a great super-skill that lets you get the most out of many skills without investing a lot of time and money in learning.

No-Code Foundations Program helps you achieve exactly that.

  • Learn one super skill in just 7 weeks;
  • Learn how to build digital products (mobile and web apps, web forms, websites, web designs, etc.);
  • Start your career in tech or upgrade your current job;
  • Live on your terms, doing meaningful and lucrative work.

Check out the program here if you want to know more.


Magnifying lens on words Frequently asked questions
Any questions? We got you! Scroll down

What skills can I sell online?

If you gain enough experience and find a way to attract clients or find a full-time job, you can sell any skill online. The best way to increase your income is to combine two or more digital skills, for instance, copywriting and no-code programming.

What is the most profitable skill to learn?

Most of the 42 skills we’ve listed can guarantee you a lucrative career. However, programming and code-related skills will likely stand out and bring the highest income. If you don't have prior programming experience, a surefire way to master it without writing a single line of code is no-code tools.

How can I make money online with no skills?

Some professions that require basic skills are virtual assistance, link building, and transcription. But like with any other skill, you still need to work to improve and find more lucrative opportunities.

What is the easiest skill to learn to make money?

Some easiest skills to learn are transcription, podcasting, blogging, no-code development. However, any skill can be easy if you’re curious and thrilled to learn it. No-code is easy to understand, and it brings lucrative opportunities. You can master it within a few weeks without knowing a thing about programming or digital products.

What can I teach myself to participate in the creator economy?

First, you need to learn to be comfortable with promoting yourself and public speaking. Second, you should learn video and photo creation and editing, social media marketing, and content creation. Most of these skills you can do using online tools that don’t require you to have exceptional editing or filming skills.

Which skill is most in-demand in 2022?

Tech skills are most in demand in 2022 and the following years. 

A the top of the list is:

  • No-Code Development
  • Programming
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Web, App and Software development
  • Blockchain Development
  • AI

While these skills might seem intimidating, you can learn most of them by mastering no-code development. It doesn’t require you to know coding or programming, but it allows creating in-demand digital products and finding a prosperous job in tech.

What skills can you learn in 6 weeks?

You can start learning any skill. After 6 weeks of regular work, you will see results. As a beginner, you can begin creating your portfolio while learning to maximize your effort. For example, No-Code Foundations Program takes 7 weeks, but after just the first few weeks, you’ll learn the basics of no-code and be able to create your products or upgrade your career.

Which skill is best for the digital economy?

Digital business analytics, app development, no-code development, and software engineering are essential for the digital economy. 

Creative skills for the digital economy:

  • Digital marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • UX/UI design

Other skills to have:

  • Project management 
  • Social media marketing 
  • SEO 
  • Sales 

Just with one or more of these skills, you’ll stand out in the job market.

Nelson Marteleira

Nelson is the co-founder NoCode Institute. He is an experienced NoCode specialist and developer with a solid portfolio. Nelson helps bring ideas to reality.

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