9 Tech events in Madrid to help you plan your next big or small career move!

Unsatisfied with your current job situation? These tech events in Madrid can give you the courage and insights to make change happen.

Technology is no longer a closed world. It’s actively seeking talented individuals from non-tech backgrounds to fill in oncoming opportunities. In short, you don’t need to be a tech vet to crack its job market code. Institutes like No-Code and events like these are encouraging and enabling non-tech folks to become tech-sperts in no time.

Importance of tech events

A talk happening at a tech event in Madrid
Attending conferences matters more than you think

Tech events are the best way to look at the bigger picture. They liberate techies and non-techies from their choice of shell and in doing so help them become a part of something bigger and more profound. They are equally tailored to meet the needs of folks from a non-tech background and bring them closer to all the possibilities now available to them in the world of tech. So, if your ideas seem incoherent to you or you’re unsure about what your next career move should be and why, tech events can help you develop actionable frameworks from where you can take the leap.  

Benefits of tech events

Our reliance on technology is growing and it’s only going to get bigger. The leaders of tech are aware of this. Thus, they are leaving no stone unturned to get more hands on deck to deal with future requirements. Therefore, tech events no longer focus only on techies but also on people who:

  • Are unemployable or stuck in bad job
  • Want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers  
  • Seek a better work-life balance
  • Wish to participate in the digital economy and improve their earning potential
  • Plan to launch a side hustle or project  

Every tech event, although unique in its goals, agendas, and approach, has three things in common – people, knowledge, and a bunch of activities. Let’s explore.

An attendee at his laptop during a tech event in Madrid
Expand your knowledge, learn, and improve

People: Tech events, in general, are the perfect place to meet, interact, and engage with the movers and shakers of the tech world. In essence, they are the perfect place to:

  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Engage directly with speakers and experts
  • Expand your network 
  • Discover new opportunities

Knowledge: What you know can make all the difference in what you do. By giving centre stage to the most important conversations in tech, London’s tech events create a treasure of knowledge that can:

  • Help you understand why re-skilling and up-skilling matters
  • Help you understand the nitty-gritty of the digital economy
  • Help you understand no-code
  • Show you how to transition to a career in tech
  • Put you at the cutting-edge of digital development and make an impact through technology and data innovations

Activities: Tech events have been quick to realize that for a holistic impact, they must be more than talks and discourses. Hence, they also offer:

  • Practical workshops
  • Parties and games
  • Community seminars 

Best tech events in Madrid:

  1. South Summit
South Summit Tech event in Madrid
South Summit Madrid

About the event

South Summit should be your destination if you wish to meet and connect with the key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Madrid. After 10 successful years, South Summit has come to be known as -
- the best platform for projects that wish to come under the spotlight
- the event that attracts some of the best minds in tech, globally
- the leading meeting point for innovation at a global level

What to expect

  • A great line-up of speakers like Vitalik Buterin, Pau Gasol, Padmasree Warrior among others
  • To hear and learn from dialogues that stand to shape the future 
  • To learn what is the next big game changer for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy candidates
  • To get a summarised view of the global tech initiatives and direction
  • A chance to witness new projects unfold

Who should attend

  • People caught in the wrong job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • People who want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential
  • Start-ups and corporates

Why you should attend

  • To check out their unique startup competition
  • They are newbie-friendly
  • They help you meet others who are going through career transitions
  • They can help you make the right career move
  • Access a pool of business opportunities from the innovation ecosystem

Location: Madrid
Date: JUNE 2024

  1. TRG CON
TRG Con Tech event in Madrid
TRG CON Madrid

About the event

In their own words, the aim of TRG Con is to “create the best technical conference in the world” (or, at least, the most fun). It does so by focusing on the design, development, and marketing of digital products and services around the heterogeneous community of La Bonilista subscribers. 

What sets them apart is the value they give to “your family and/or friends so that you have the opportunity to open a window to your profession and the incredible community that exists around it”. Their traditional Community Day, the day after the main event, ensures it’s not all work at TRG Con. 

What to expect

  • Practical workshops (requires the purchase of a complimentary ticket to the main event)
  • Workshops sponsored by our sponsors (invite-only).
  • An opportunity to engage with the best in tech in an informal way
  • Talks and workshops from worldwide experts and keynote speakers
  • A chance to experience and immerse in the Community Day

Who should attend

  • Non-designers 
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential
  • Those who wish to participate in the digital economy
  • People who are unemployable 

Why you should attend

  • An opportunity to learn Product Design for non-designers by Cris Busquets
  • Major networking opportunities  
  • Forge new relationships
  • To ease into the world of tech
  • Become part of a larger community

Location: La Nave, Madrid
Dates: 26-28 Oct 2023
Website www.trgcon.com/ 

  1. ICCNT 
International Conference on Communication and Network Technology in Madrid
ICCNT Madrid

About the event

ICCNT or the International Conference on Communication and Network Technology is fast becoming one of the leading conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of communication and network technology. 

The conference fosters communication among researchers and practitioners who share a common interest in network technology and related techniques. It’s the perfect place for scholars and researchers working in communication and network technology to share their experiences and lessons with other enthusiasts and develop opportunities for cooperation.

What to expect

  • In-depth understanding of communication and network technology
  • Face-to-face interactions with active researchers   
  • Opportunity to make impactful connections
  • Chance to participate in motivating lectures 

Who should attend

  • Job-seeking candidates and side hustlers
  • Those who desire a different career 
  • Those who are seeking a better work-life balance
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential
  • Those who wish to participate in the digital economy

Why you should attend

  • To avail new opportunities 
  • To learn from the best scholars and researchers in the field of communication and network technology 
  • To meet like-minded people and be inspired by their stories
  • To meet others who are going through career transitions
  • Engage and interact with other non-techies 

Location: Madrid, Spain
Dates: September 18-20
Website: www.iccnt.org

  1. Madrid Tech Show
Madrid Tech Show
Madrid Tech Show

About the event

Hailed as Spain’s premier exhibition for tech business, the Madrid tech show is the perfect event for understanding the cloud sector, cybersecurity, big data, AI, data centers, eCommerce, and digital marketing. This is the event very popular among leading names in AI, big data, and more to present their solutions, strategies, and systems to the world. 

It’s a comprehensive event that allows attendees to choose the fair that best suits their needs, like:

  • Cloud Expo Europe
  • Cyber Security World
  • Big Data and AI
  • Data Centre World
  • Tech marketing and E-show

What to expect

  • A chance to meet C-level executives and decision-makers from the Cloud, Cybersecurity, Big Data, AI, Data Centers, eCommerce and Digital Marketing sectors 
  • An opportunity to meet experts and influencers from the sector and learn from their success stories 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Chance to meet recruiters from leading tech companies
  • Chance to gain valuable feedback from recruiters 

Who should attend

  • Job-seeking candidates
  • Entrepreneurs and Side hustlers
  • Those who desire a different career 
  • Those who are seeking a better work-life balance
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential by participating in the digital economy

Why you should attend

  • A chance to gain new business knowledge 
  • To learn about the latest trends and technologies in the industry 
  • To discover new career opportunities that align with your level, skills, and interests
  • To meet employers, ask questions, and make connections 
  • Explore career options in the tech industry 

Location: IFEMA Madrid
October 30 and 31, 2023
Website: www.madridtechshow.es/ 

  1. E-show Madrid
e-show tech event Madrid
E-Show Madrid

About the event

E-show Madrid is the largest eCommerce show in southern Europe. It’s the meeting point of leading companies and service providers in the field of eCommerce and Digital Marketing. It’s flanked by some of the most influential national and international speakers.

E-show Madrid gives you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to form in-person connections with C-level managers and experts. This is an event where than 15,000 professionals attend in order to discover suppliers, strategies, and the best digital solutions to boost their business.

Whether a tech-vet or a newbie, E-show has something for everyone covering a range of topics like:

  • Digitization, sustainability, and 'quick commerce'
  • Social Commerce – Shopping on social networks
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Low Code Platforms
  • New payment methods

What to expect

  • Tips on how to navigate career transition
  • Tips on how to upskill and reskill
  • Why upskilling and reskilling matter
  • People who have successfully reinvented their career with upskilling and reskilling Plenty of literature to help you feel at ease 

Who should attend

  • Amazon sellers
  • People stuck in a bad or monotonous job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • Those who wish to relaunch their careers
  •  Those who desire a different career 

Why you should attend

  • To discover/hone your tech niche
  • To learn a variety of things in a short time
  • To learn more about selling on Amazon
  • To meet and engage with relevant and influential people
  • To better understand how you can benefit from upskilling and reskilling

Dates: OCTOBER 30 AND 31, 2023
Website: www.eshow.es/madrid

  1. Devopsdays Madrid
Devopsdays Tech event in Madrid
Devopsdays Madrid

About the event

DevOpsDays is a worldwide series of technical conferences with a sense of community at their core. The host talks and conferences on a variety of topics like software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. 

Apart from being well-organized and intimate in its appeal, the thing that truly sets this event apart is the fact that it’s run by the community for the community. Volunteers have steered this non-commercial conference since 2009 and for the last 14 years have maintained their focus on serving the community.

What to expect

  • Great dialogues around software development and IT infrastructure 
  • A potpourri of new ideas
  • A riveting atmosphere 
  • Free-wheeling conversations around tech, upskilling, reskilling, and career transition

Who should attend

  • College students
  • Tech enthusiasts 
  • Tech newbies of any age

Why you should attend

  • An opportunity to learn by participation
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Chance to forge new relationships
  • Understand the world of tech in an informal and casual way

Location: CEU San Pablo Monteprincipe University
OCTOBER 6, 2023
Website: www.devopsdays.org

  1. CIO Summit
CIO Summit Tech event in Madrid
CIO Summit Madrid

About the event

The goal of CIO Summit is simple – to accelerate the journey to a digital-first world. In their quest, they have played a key role in the evolution of companies towards their digital transformation and will further enable: 

  • collaborative ecosystems
  • creation of new business models
  • development of new working models
  • Effective and innovative management of disruptive solutions, uncertainty, and competition.
  • Enabling the correct transition to minimize risks in the transformation process

What to expect

  • To learn about a digital-first world
  • Learn how to self-motivate 
  • Understand when to hire full-time work vs contractual work
  • Learn how to attract, motivate, and retain clients

Who should attend

  • Candidates
  • Recruiters
  • Digital economy enthusiasts 
  • People stuck in a bad or monotonous job
  • Those who wish to participate in the digital economy

Why you should attend

  • To meet others who are going through career transitions and how to mitigate risks when changing careers
  • To keep abreast of the latest technology trends 
  • To learn from the most relevant success stories 
  • To learn to navigate the changing work landscape 
  • To better understand new and emerging remote, hybrid, and flexible forms of working

Location: Mandarin Oriental Ritz Hotel, Madrid
Dates: 27-28 September
Website: www.idc.com

Commit Conf Tech event in Madrid

About the event

Come to Commit Conf if you’re interested in understanding Cloud, Web, and Machine Learning in an easy-going and relaxed manner. The informal vibe of the event soon begins to feel like a congregation of friends, old and new who are committed to teaching and learning about:

  • Software development 
  • Big Data
  • Cloud 
  • Machine Learning

What to expect

  • Engage with a community of like-minded people (offline and online)
  • A chance to purchase ‘diversity tickets’ if you belong to an underrepresented group
  • Open dialogues around equal pay, career growth, and leadership roles
  • To identify career growth opportunities
  • A chance to play table football or five-foot Jenga 

Who should attend

  • Candidates
  • People who want to upskill/reskill
  • Those who are seeking a better work-life balance
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential

Why you should attend

  • To pitch your idea/brand
  • Opportunity to meet new people with similar interests
  • To find out what the country's leading companies are looking for 
  • The opportunity to network with top companies in a casual yet professional and friendly atmosphere
  • To expand your network and establish relationships with women in technology

Location: CEU San Pablo University, Montepríncipe Campus
Date: 19-20 April 2024
Website: www.2024.commit-conf.com/ 

In conclusion

Speaker during a talk in a tech event happening in Madrid
Nothing better than attended a Tech event to get us looking forward to our future!

Career transition is easier said than done. And it’s especially difficult when one aims to switch to a new field altogether. Yet, despite all the challenges, the change must be dealt with and overcome. So, if you’re from a non-tech background facing a future where you’re either stuck in a boring job or doomed to being unemployed or unemployable, do not despair. Institutes like No Code and events like these are helping non-techies not only brace themselves for impact but to turn things around and become tech-sperts themselves. 

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