8 Foundations in Lisbon that simplify learning and accelerate growth to put you back into the game!

Want to upskill and learn something new to improve your career prospects? These foundations in Lisbon have got you covered.

How do you bounce back from a career setback or a job loss? How do you keep learning and growing in a fast-changing world? These are some of the questions that 9 foundations in Lisbon and the No Code Institute are trying to answer. They are offering policies, strategies, and courses that can help you reinvent yourself and find new opportunities.

Importance of Educational Foundations

Foundation responsible giving hi-fives to the funded students
Foundation are nonprofit corporation that makes grants to institutions or individuals for charitable purposes such as science, education, culture, and religion

It’s a tough thing to say but someone has to say it, so here goes: if you’re stuck in the wrong job in today’s world or caught in perpetual self-doubt regarding career growth, you have yourself to blame (mostly). Sure, there are genuine issues that people face when it comes to employment – incorrect policy measures, lack of diverse integration, and other factors do play a role in keeping people stuck in bad jobs or unemployment. But this is not the whole truth and certainly not the only one. Lisbon, for example, has foundations and NGOs that are developing their courses and collaborating with platforms like Udemy and Coursera to give people a chance to revive their careers and change their lives. These 9 foundations aim to help you:

  • Revive your confidence 
  • Become a valued candidate by acquiring relevant and in-demand skills
  • Keep up with the digital world by mastering the latest tools and technologies
  • Foster fruitful collaborations by networking with like-minded people

In short, these foundations can give your career the CPR treatment it deserves while allowing you to rediscover yourself and your potential.

Benefits of Educational Foundations

Funded students making their way to an on-site class
Foundations are facilitators of modern education

The foundations and NGOs in Lisbon understand the need of the hour. Their vision is honed by experience and thanks to all the possibilities that technology has brought forth, they are focusing their attention on people who are unemployed, unemployable, unstimulated by their jobs, or seeking a skill upgrade. The courses and opportunities they offer are designed keeping in mind the different skill and knowledge levels possessed by learners. To encourage and motivate them, foundations are trying to make their courses as beneficial and as appealing as possible. Here are some of the benefits that their innovative thinking can bring to the students:

  • Offer free certifications
    Some foundations motivate students to enroll with them by offering a variety of free certifications for their courses. If you’re in between jobs or without one, availing such learning opportunities at no financial cost can be appealing.
  • Important tie-ups
    These foundations are facilitators of modern education. They understand that in order to appeal to the modern student or contemporary upskiller, they need to walk with the times. So they form alliances with national and international firms seeking their technical support to expand the reach of their programs.
  • Anyone of any level can learn
    One of the biggest benefits of enrolling with such foundations is that they are designed to help students of all levels. Students can learn about anything they desire from scratch and are also aided by accompanying material to make learning an easy process, no matter who you are or what your situation is.

  • Courses can be pursued alongside work
    Most of the courses offered by these foundations can be accessed online. This means, there is no time limit to pursue a course. Students can develop their own systems that allow them to study while working.

  • Learn first, pay later
    Some of these foundations, as you’ll read later in the article, encourage learning by making students focus on their studies instead of how they are going to pay for it. This helps students put all their energy and attention into acquiring new skills and gaining new knowledge which in turn will help them find a suitable job.

Best NGOs/Foundations in Lisbon:

  1. Santander Scholarships
Santander scholarships Foundation website screenshot
Santander Scholarships

Website: www.becas-santander.com

About the scholarships

Santander Scholarships are pioneers in the field of remote and ageless education. For over 26 years, they have been helping people “develop their potential and improve their career prospects.” In their long journey, they have supported over 1 million learners across the globe and age groups. Their generous investment of + €2,200 MM has ensured that their courses are always at par with the evolving job market. 

To encourage learners of all ages and backgrounds, Santander offers several scholarship programs. Tailored to individual learning needs and levels, their free scholarships offer a well-rounded approach to self-education by granting students access to hundreds of audiobooks, eBooks, podcasts, videos, courses, and more. 

Their courses are available on Udemy on subjects ranging from Excel and ChatGPT. These courses are designed as much for the beginner as they are for experienced students. As long as you’re 18, it doesn’t matter to Santander whether you’ve a university degree or not. They know that their courses will benefit anyone with a will to learn.

Scholarships Highlights

  • Over 1 M learners supported 
  • More than 1,100 new scholarships and programs offered per year
  • More than €2,200 MM invested in education, employability, and entrepreneurship

Who should attend

  • People caught in the wrong job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • People who want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential
  • Entrepreneurs

Why you should consider

  • To access their varied learning material via The Learning Room
  • To find jobs 
  • To give your business or project a boost
  • To hone or discover your entrepreneurial skills

  1. Fundação José Neves
Foundation José Neves Fundação website screenshot
José Neves Foundation

Website: www.joseneves.org

About the foundation

Fundação José Neves is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering innovation, education, and entrepreneurship in Portugal and beyond. Established by José Neves, a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, the Foundation is committed to creating a positive and lasting impact in the fields of technology, education, and economic development.

Their mission is to empower individuals and communities through education and skills development, with a focus on providing opportunities for underprivileged and marginalized populations. They believe that access to education and technology is key to building a more inclusive and prosperous society.

The Foundation collaborates with partners, educational institutions, and organizations to drive initiatives that support innovation, job creation, and economic growth. Through their programs and projects, they aim to inspire and equip the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. 

Foundation Highlights

  • Their 29k FJN App
  • Focus on mental well-being 
  • 4752 candidates
  • 410 courses
  • 39 partners in education

Who should attend

  • People caught in the wrong job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • People who want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential
  • Young people who feel lost

Why you should consider 

  • To learn about their ‘The More and Better Jobs Pact’ for young people
  • To learn about job market trends
  • To access their Brighter Future Platform
  • For their scholarship program
  • For their handy and practical guides

  1. ADT Scholarships
Foundation Associação Duarte Tarré - ADT website screenshot
ADT - Associação Duarte Tarré Foundation

Website: www.adtarre.pt

About the foundation

The ADT Foundation is one with a true heart. It was created to honor the memory and “dreams of a happy, generous young man” named Duatre Tarré who left the world at the young age of 20. Encouraged by his indomitable spirit to learn, his loved ones founded ADT Scholarships to give “promising and committed young people” the opportunity and means to follow their dreams.

ADT offers a total of 25 scholarships to students who wish to take higher education but have limited means to do so. As such, they require the applicants to fullfil the following 5 steps to avail them:

  • Their average performance of previous should be more than 14 points
  • They must be less than 25 years old
  • Write their reason(s) for the application
  • The support is offered annually in the form of grants
  • Open to students across the mainland and Island territories of Portugal

Foundation Highlights

  • Since 2012, the ADT scholarships have benefited more than 225 people
  • A competitive yet warm atmosphere

Who should attend

  • People caught in the wrong job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • People who want to upskill/ reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential
  • People who wish to gain employer confidence with new educational achievements 

Why you should attend

  • To take advantage of their scholarships
  • To revive your learning abilities
  • To attend their riveting workshops  

  1. Vodafone Portugal Foundation
Vodafone Portugal Foundation website screenshot
Vodafone Portugal Foundation

Website: www.vodafone.pt

About the foundation

The Vodafone Portugal Foundation was established in 2001 and has since been guided by the very reason that led to its genesis – tech at the service of society. In their bid to achieve this, the Foundation has developed and supported several programs over the years to create “a more inclusive and sustainable digital society.” 

The activities of the Foundation are overseen by several Governing Bodies where daily and long-term visions are led by the President, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, and Advisory Board. 

The goal of the Foundation is to use tech to bring equality in society so that “no one to be left behind, especially in vulnerable situations.” An important consideration indeed, especially today when global and local markets are being shadowed by uncertainties.

Who should attend

  • People caught in the wrong job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • People who want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential

Why you should consider

  • To benefit from Vodafone’s experience in tech
  • To upskill towards a better career
  • To learn new things to embellish your resume

  1. Lisboa Acolhe
Lisbon Foundation Lisboa Acolhe website screenshot
Lisboa Acolhe Portal

Link: https://lisboaacolhe.pt/

About the Foundation

Lisboa Acolhe is a participatory portal first, then anything else. It was launched in 2021 and its founders believe it to always be a work in progress while working towards progress. 

The Foundation was created by immigrants, for immigrants, not only to bring in a sense of community among the displaced but also to bring them at par with contemporary knowledge. The Foundation believes in the dissemination of information as the best way to bring meaningful opportunities to all.

The Foundation has played and continues to play a huge role in helping migrants become respectable parts of the larger community. They believe in the power of “equal rights and equal opportunities for all” regardless of biological sex, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Their resilience and hard work have enabled many migrants to become valuable members of their society and gain equal access to healthcare, education, work, and income.

The Foundation conducts regular training sessions, seminars, entrepreneurial activities and encourages research collaborations on issues related to work, entrepreneurship, and training. 

immigrants in Portugal.

What to expect

  • A deep sense of community
  • A vision to make the future a diverse place

Who should attend

  • Migrants of all age groups
  • People caught in the wrong job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • People who want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Entrepreneurs

Why you should consider this foundation

  • To become part of something bigger
  • To support and in turn, be supported in your entrepreneurial journey
  • To show solidarity and a passion for diversity

  1. IEFP online 
Portugal public organization IEFP (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional) website screenshot
IEFP-Online Organization

Link: https://www.iefp.pt/emprego

About the organization

The IEFP is a national public employment service. Its core goal is to tackle unemployment by encouraging opportunities that are in line with the modern world. Among other things, it implements employment policies that can impact the social employment market in the best possible way. By focusing its attention on those who are unemployable or unemployed, the IEFP seeks to integrate people who have “particular difficulties in the labor market.” Through their employment policies and agendas, they aim to help professionally unfulfilled people find suitable jobs so they can support themselves and their families.

They collaborate with national and international organizations and actively seek technical cooperation. The support they receive goes into building training centers, artisanal micro-enterprises, and professional rehabilitation for people with disabilities. Their policies also apply to the young, whom they offer “double certification training and certified professional training.”

Organization Highlights

  • 5 Regional Delegations (North, Center, Lisbon and Tagus Valley, Alentejo and Algarve)
  • 30 Employment and Vocational Training Centers
  • 23 Job Centers
  • 1 Professional Training and Rehabilitation Center for civil construction, metallurgy, metalworking, food, fashion, commerce, etc 

Who should attend

  • People caught in the wrong job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • People who want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential

Why you should attend

  • To gain employment opportunities
  • To seek out the offering best suited for your situation
  • To gain advantage of their technical and educational support

  1. FJ Skills Academy
FJ Skills Academy website screenshot
FJ Skills Academy

Website: www.fjuventude.pt

About the Foundation

FJ Skills is a Foundation that focuses on the holistic development of young people. It’s a private, not-for-profit institution that aims to empower the youth of today and help them become valuable citizens of tomorrow. They achieve this by offering them professional training, social and cultural development, and finally, a chance to enter the job market.

The Foundation which has its headquarters in Palácio das Artes, is national in scope. 5 years since its inception, it has carried out and supported several initiatives that help young people get integrated into an active professional life. They achieve this by employing a 5-pronged development approach that trains and educates the young in the following aspects: 

  • Education and profession 
  • Employment and entrepreneurship
  • Citizenship and volunteering
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Science and tech 

Through their programs and initiatives, they’ve managed to attract the attention of the likes of Google and Coursera. They offer certifications in IT Support, Python, Data Analytics, Project Management, and Digital Marketing and are best suited for beginners and those desiring to upskill or transition to a new career.

What to expect

  • A chance to access free certification by filling out their Youth Foundation form
  • Certified courses suitable for the modern-day marketplace

Who should attend

  • People caught in the wrong job
  • People who are unemployable 
  • People who want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential

Why you should attend

  • To upskill/reskill
  • To learn new things and strengthen your resume
  • To expand your skill set
  • To prepare yourself for the future

  1. Fundação Ageas
Foundation AGEAS website screenshot
AGEAS Foundation

Website: www.fundacaoageas.pt

About the foundation

Now, more than ever, there is a need for us to stand together. The Ageas Foundation is a response to that need. Started in 1998, it continues to foster new collaborations and encourage ties in communities and people. An initiative of the Ageas Portugal Group, the foundation provides building blocks for training individuals to become professionally sound and more self-assured. They recently tied up with the No Code Institute to train women in digital courses. The courses were specially designed for women who were in “situations of vulnerability and/or career transition.”

Through their collaboration with the No Code Institute, they intend to help women achieve a work-life balance. The program is divided into 3 phases:

  • 1st Phase - Learning visual programming and developing personal skills
  • 2nd Phase - Preparation of a real digital project
  • 3rd Phase - Development of a career relaunch plan

Project Highlights

  • No Code Institute digital program
  • Training modules
  • Insights on career transition

Who should attend

  • Women caught in the wrong job
  • Women who desire work-life balance 
  • Women who want to upskill/reskill to relaunch their careers
  • Those who wish to improve their earning potential

Why you should consider this foundation: 

  • Get a chance to learn to work with non-code tools and train digital skills, 
  • Build a portfolio 
  • Participate in a unique pedagogical model
  • Become a part of a collaborative culture
  • Build a network of support and inspiration

In conclusion

Students funded by a Lisbon NGO during a class
Foundations and NGOs can help you find your purpose

The world doesn’t top for anyone. It moves with those who move it. And today, everyone has a chance to move with the world. A few clicks and an iron will, can take you a long way. So if you find yourself bored, unstimulated, doubtful, or unfulfilled about your current job situation, you can choose to upgrade your skill and with that your confidence. Institutes like No Code and the aforementioned foundations in Lisbon are helping people acquire new skills that employers are actively seeking. Thus, helping them, find their purpose once again.

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