No-Code Foundations Program

Re-invent your career for the digital economy, by learning tech skills without code

Learn new tech skills on how to build digital products without coding, leveraging No-Code and kickstart your career in the digital economy.

7-week part-time training program (from 29th April 2022 to 1st July 2022)

On-demand content + LIVE classes (in English)

Full-Support No-Code mentoring and coaching

Learn to build databases, websites, e-commerce and apps WITHOUT CODE

Build your portfolio and increase your "EMPLOYABILITY".

No-Code Foundations Program

Application deadline 25th April 2022. Limited seats available.

WHY Join No-Code Foundations program?

Re-invent yourself and turn your talent into a career in the Digital Economy using No-Code. Gain tech skills without having to learn code and get more work opportunities.


The Digital economy is no longer an option and everybody must embrace the digital. With this No-Code program, you’ll learn to build digital products without code. Even if you’re non-technical.


With our 100% digital platform, we offer you the freedom to follow your path, wherever you are. Literally anywhere. And whenever you want to. Non-stop 24/7.


Join a cohort of peers that will share the same No-Code learning journey and benefit from great networking, collective training, and undivided peer support.


To re-invent your career in the digital job market you’ll need more than a CV and LinkedIn profile. At the end of the program, you’ll have your own No-Code portfolio of digital products to showcase your talent.

No-Code? Why?

If you are not an engineer, don’t have technical and digital skills and you don’t know how to code, you might feel helpless when it comes to get job opportunities today. Guess what? It doesn't have to be this way. But you don't need to spend months or years studying how to code and other tech skills that feel impossible for many of us. No-Code is a democratic, accessible and inclusive way to build digital products like websites, apps, software and automations, all without code. If you haven’t heard of No-Code before, think of it like visual programming, where instead of typing words and numbers you build by dragging and dropping in a visual editor (kind of like in PowerPoint).


With No-Code you’ll learn in months, what could take you years to learn in traditional code.


With No-Code you build digital products in weeks, rather than the months it’ll take


With No-Code you will save money building and maintaining digital products vs traditional code.

No-Code Foundations is the easiest way to become part of the digital economy.

Learn No-Code and get the fundamentals of how to build apps, websites, and automations without code, and you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to land more work and job opportunities in the digital economy.

Who's this program for?

The program is for everyone that wants to shift their career into the digital economy, and to learn about No-Code.


People that are currently unemployed, precarious and undervalued, that want to break into the digital economy to have access to more work and job opportunities.


For those looking to reinvent their careers, shift their professional track, change industry, upgrade their jobs, or simply want to become more valuable and employable.


For people in any business non-tech domain that want to upskill, upgrade their careers, and to thrive in the new digital job market, by gaining the tech skills needed will be a critical skill for the future.


For anyone managing an organization, a business, or a freelancing career, that needs digital and tech skills that leverage their business strategy, growth, efficiency, and profitability.

Designed for people that (really) want to change

This program is for you, if you:

Are beginner

You’re new to the Digital World and to No-Code.

Want to enter the digital market

You want to enter the digital job market, but do not know how to code.

Lack Digital Skills

You’re considering a career change but you’re lacking digital skills.

Are avid learner

You’re an ambitious dedicated and hard-worker learner, that wants to gain new skills.

Want to build digital products

You’re interested in learning how to build digital products without coding.

Want to upgrade your business

You have a Digital business, project, or digital product idea and want to learn how to bring it to life

This program isn't for you, if you:

Have Advanced knowledge

You’re already in the digital economy or have advanced tech skills.

Are already a Nocoder

You know about No-Code or have already No-Code expertise.

Have NO interest in digital

You don’t want to learn how to build digital businesses, projects, or products.

Are NOT committed

You don’t want to gain new skills and are not available nor committed to learning

A program that will pay for itself.

The knowledge inside our program will give you an unfair advantage in the market and the ability to achieve much more in your business. Join now the next No-Code Foundations program.

A different way of learning No-Code

We use a unique educational model to leverage your skills development.

Cohort-based learning

Going through a course alongside a group of peers is the best way to achieve transformation. Benefit from collective momentum, through cooperative learning and communities of practice.

Mission-based learning

Gain digital skills with challenge-based progressive real-life assignments, real-projects and hands-on challenges, building your own portfolio of products in just 7 weeks.

Micro-learning formats

Learn with small learning units with bite-size short & easy content and multi-format materials, to allow adaptation to different learning styles.

Peer assessment

Learn not only by doing but also by reviewing others’ work, by receiving feedback from peers and by doing profound self-reflection.

Program Curriculum

During our 7-week program, you’ll develop your technical skills, build projects, and land job opportunities. Our team curated a curriculum that helps you learn the most in-demand skills of No-Code development so you can get a great job, no matter where you live and what is your background.

🔥 Week 1 | Introduction to No-Code

In this first week, you will get comfortable with the fundamentals of the No-Code movement, get to know key concepts, tools, and self-discovering, and perform some suggested actions for each of them.

🗄️ Week 2 | No-Code Databases

In your second week, you will get familiar with how databases are a fundamental building block of any digital product and take your first steps in understanding databases by creating your own database.

🖥️ Week 3 | No-Code Websites

In the third week, you will learn how to create a No-Code website that used your database information and show it organized as you want.

🛍️ Week 4 | No-Code e-Commerce

Create your first membership website with all the payment options, using a No-Code tool.

📱 Week 5 | No-Code Apps

Create an app to bring your database information into each person's pocket. In addition to understanding the logic behind a No-Code mobile app and how to organize data.

🤖 Week 6 | No-Code Automation

The business is growing fast. Manual work is getting hard and time-consuming, which blocks the business to scale as planned. So you decide to automate some of the tasks you do manually, leveraging the power of No-Code.

🚀 Week 7 | No-Code Capstone project

For this week you to choose a project or topic that you have a special interest in exploring and build a solution leveraging the No-Code knowledge, you acquired during this No-Code Journey.

Ready to build your next career in the digital world?

​​Cohort starts 29th April until 1st July 2022

✅ 20 hours of on-demand lessons

to help you grasp the fundamental concepts of

No-Code and become a confident building with No-Code

✅ Weekly Hands-on live

masterclass and workshops

✅ Weekly challenges

and feedback on your progress.

Personalized feedback and support

from mentors and a cohort of peers

Learn to use several top tier No-Code tools

and how to build digital projects

Build your own Digital projects portfolio

and become more attractive in the job-market

Lifetime access

to the private community

Lifetime access

to all on-demand lessons and materials

$1400 $999

Special Inaugural cohort price

Limited seats available. Application only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

No-Code is a set of tools that allow you to create websites, apps and software all without writing a single line of code. The bottom line is, anyone can now build their ideas because No-Code has democratised software creation. We’re now seeing the dawn of citizen developers, where people from completely non-technical backgrounds can create software.

Yes! If you can send emails, search the web or work with microsoft office, then you’ll be ok. Everyone has to start somewhere, so we welcome all skill levels, and since this all about the No-Code Foundations, it was specifically designed for those who are either beginners looking to get started or those needing the peer support + accountability to evolve their digital journeys.

Yes, we have designed a format that is compatible with working full-time. The course is partially asynchronous and self-paced, Each week, plan 2-4 hours for learning content, 4-6 hours for practice, 2-4 hours for live and group sessions and 2-4 hours for extra optional learning activities (summing to 10-20 hours on average) All live sessions will be held around 5pm GMT and will be recorded so you have the flexibility to choose whether you want to attend these or not.

The course is organised and paced for 7 weeks, so the maximum duration will be just that. But in each week we estimate that it could take you up to 20h maximum of learning No-Code.

This course is intentionally tool agnostic, as we believe it is important for beginners to understand cross-cutting principles that'll apply across any tool in the No-Code landscape. However, we will be learning and training several No-Code tools according to the projects / assignments. These will be Airtable, Softr, Gumroad, Adalo and Zapier. But you'll get to know many more No-Code tools.