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How To Start A Life In A New Country And Land A Job In Tech With No Code

Moving across the world to follow your dreams might seem magical initially, but the reality is often much different. What does it take to start a new career and life in a new country? What skills do you need to succeed in a foreign job market? Read how our student moved from Brazil to Portugal to start her career in tech and how no-code skills have allowed her to start changing her career just in a few weeks.

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How To Change From Your Comfortable Job And Follow Your Dream To Work In Tech

Do your values align with your career path? This is a question that we all should ask ourselves at some point in our lives. Many of us end up in jobs that pay well but don’t resonate with our core values. We feel like something is missing and that we are not living up to our true potential. Our student, however, chose a different path. Despite working in a high-paying industry, she decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a career in tech.

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How To Become A Web Developer With No Code

Have you ever considered leaving a job where you feel undervalued to pursue something new? Do you have the courage to seek out a more fulfilling career? Unfortunately, many people don't take this leap and end up disliking their jobs, believing that work can't be enjoyable. However, with a bit of determination and courage, you can transform your professional life, as our student's success story proves. Read Deborah's story about changing her career one step at a time with no-code development.

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Expanding Your Content Writing Business With No-Code Development

Every freelancer will attest the task of building a business from the ground up is far from a walk in the park. The challenge of balancing the demands of ongoing projects and the need to secure new clients can be incredibly draining. However, the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. Our Student Mariana shared her journey of transitioning from a freelance journalist and content writer to starting a no-code course and delving into web development to enhance her professional portfolio.

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How To Power Up Your Freelance Business With No Code

Freelancing might seem glamorous at first glance — working from tropical destinations, setting your own schedule, and building a successful business. But if you want to achieve sustainable growth, it's important to use technologies and adapt to market needs. In this article, our student Beatriz shares how she started her own marketing firm and how no code is helping to improve her freelance services.

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How To Get Financing And Start Your Business With No Code?

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Many entrepreneurs fail shortly after they launch a business because they lack the skills and tools necessary to succeed in today's tech-oriented market. Learn how our student Cristina faced the same obstacles and then found a solution with no code

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How To Go From Motorcycle Mechanics To Web Development With No Code

Do you hate your current job and wish things were different? Normally, people spend 40 to 50 years working. That’s a lot of time to be doing something you hate. Let our student’s story inspire you — read how she started her career in dental prosthodontics, then became a motorcycle mechanic, and now is planning to conquer marketing with her new-learned no-code skills

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How Can You Change Your Career And Life In Your 30s, 40s, And Later?

Do you have a secure job and a monthly paycheck, but at the end of the day, you question everything? You’re not alone — many people in their 30s, 40s, and later realize they must change their careers in order to live a happy life. If this sounds familiar — read an inspirational Telma’s story of how it took her 15 years to find what she loved and how no code was a secret ingredient in her success story.

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How To Pivot Your Career After Working In The Same Job For Years

Starting a new job or career path later in life is scary. But the hardest part is to take the first step. In this article, our student Paula shares her professional journey and how one ad on Facebook has changed her life forever.

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